Adra-e European Convergence Summit

When: 19 June 2024

Where: online

Organisers: Adra-e


The European Convergence Summit (ECS) 2024 will be organised by the Adra-e project on 19 June 2024.

The event will be held online. To access the event please register here and you will get the link to join the event in the upcoming weeks.

The ECS is a high-level event that aims to bring together influential figures from various backgrounds to support co-programming of the Artificial Intelligence Data and Robotics (ADR) partnership, define orientations for ADR research and innovation in Europe with respect to socioeconomic issues, and build a consensus among stakeholders. The overarching theme of the event will be the impact of ADR on energy/CO2 reduction.

The event will be organised in three main blocks.

Block 1: European Strategies in ADR
The first block of the summit will focus on Europe’s current position in the ADR industry compared to the worldwide landscape. Speakers and panellists will discuss the increasing competition among the leading countries, and why AI, data, and robotics are essential in the European Union, with a growing demand for intelligent systems across industries.

Block 2: ADR and Environmental Issues
The second block of the summit will focus on the paradoxical situation that arises when we think about ADR technology and the environment. Experts will discuss the role played by ADR in environmental sustainability, especially when considering the high energy consumption that is required to run these technologies, as well as the battle being waged against climate change and how technology could play an important role in reducing carbon emissions.

Block 3: Public Involvement and Normative Issues
The third block of the summit will focus on public involvement and normative issues. Discussions will revolve around the need for legal, ethical, and regulatory measures for ADR technology to ensure its ethical use and prevent misuse. The socio-economic impact of ADR technology will also be discussed, including its potential impact on the job market, especially for low-skilled workers, the need for social investments and retraining programs to upskill the workforce and reduce the risk of increased inequalities.

ADR Exhibition
In addition, several demonstrations of successful interaction between the three technologies will be shown in the ADR Exhibition which will give EC-funded projects and initiatives the opportunity to showcase the technologies emerging at the frontiers of the disciplines to outline promising future paths for ADR by exhibiting high-impact demonstrations of interaction between at least two of the three technologies.

Existing projects that can demonstrate this interaction will have the opportunity to impress the attendees with their displays.


  • Your project must have at least one demonstrator – i.e. a video, a blowminder presentation, a demo worth sharing, a live remote test that can be streamed, etc. that can be showcased in a digital booth that Adra-e will provide.
  • The Adra-e project provides the space for the exhibition and the instructions to manage your digital booth
  • No registration fees will be requested.

Leverage this opportunity to add this event to your list of dissemination activities! Space is limited: register now at the link below and secure your place!

Foresight Panel

To wrap-up, a foresight panel based on the outcomes of the rest of the panels as well as on the Exhibition showcases will outline future promising paths for ADR and provide recommendations for R&D funding priorities. The Foresight Panel will support the creation of key takeaway messages to be broadly disseminated at the end of the Summit.