4th VISION Community Workshop 2024

When: 26 – 27 June 2024

Where: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece

Organisers: VISION

Webpage: https://www.vision4ai.eu/community-workshop-2024-onsite-participation/

To celebrate four years of building excellence of AI research and foresighting the impact of the European Networks of Excellence Centres in AI and Robotics (AI NoEs), the Fourth Community Workshop 2024 aims to provide a forum for sharing ideas and best practices and sustaining collaborative activities beyond the NoEs’ lifetime.

The event is open to a broader audience beyond the NoEs community – simply register for online attendance and join the exchanges with us!

The two-day 4th Community Workshop is hosted by CERTH and co-organised by all the NoEs, with one specific day on AI and education.

● 26 June 2024:
NoE Community Workshop
● 27 June 2024:
AIDA Symposium “AI Education Beyond Borders”

The goal is to foster collaborations within the NoEs’ community and to discuss ways forward to maximise the impact of NoE research in 2025 – and beyond. This 4th Community Workshop builds on the previous events:
the First ICT-48 Community Workshop held online in June 2021, a very fruitful Second ICT-48 Community Workshop held in Brussels in October 2022, and the Third Community Workshop in June 2023 Siena.