Project Description

Precisely six months after launching the CLAIRE initiative for European excellence in human-centred artificial intelligence, we have now begun establishing the actual Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE). Over the last 7 days, 117 academic research groups and institutions from 19 European countries have joined the CLAIRE Network,  covering all areas of AI and comprising a total of over 3000 people (see The members of the CLAIRE Network are committed to working together with other members, towards the realisation of our primary goal: European excellence across all of AI, for all of Europe, with a human-centred focus. We expect many more groups to join in the near future and will update our official list at regularly. Other components of the CLAIRE vision, notably the Centres of Excellence and the CLAIRE Hub, will be further developed and refined over the next few months – stay tuned!

Furthermore, an initial number of Informal Advisory Groups (IAGs) have been formed, to create a conduit between CLAIRE and the topically organised communities within the broad field of AI, and to allow for better connections between the different research areas. The IAGs ( have been formed with key supporters that have proactively and consistently worked with us to make CLAIRE a success, in a way that captures geographic diversity within Europe, and with a focus on well-connected and highly respected researchers.