European Language Equality (ELE) is an EU project that started in January 2021 and ended in June 2022. Its goal was the development of the Strategic Research, Innovation and Implementation Agenda and a Roadmap for achieving full Digital Language Equality in Europe by 2030. The consortium consisted of 53 partners covering all European countries and all major initiatives, including CLAIRE.

ELE has the potential to influence the European LT landscape for the next 10-15 years by addressing and solving the crucial topic of digital language equality. One of the objectives of ELE is to create more public visibility – for the topic, for the consortium, for the LT community and to strengthen and reinforce the European Language Grid as well as the relationship of the LT field with the European AI community. To realise this, many consultation events, roundtables, stakeholder meetings were held in close collaboration with its sister project European Language Grid (ELG). Therefore, an overlap between ELE and ELG consortium, ELG NCCs and META-NET members is intended to firmly establish LT and language-centric AI in Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme. ELE and ELG ended with the joint META-FORUM in June 2022. The report of CLAIRE’s community consultation and survey can be found here.