The HumanE AI Net community seeks to create the foundations for AI systems that empower people and society.

CLAIRE collaborates with HumanE AI Net and supports their goal of harnessing the emergence of enabling technologies for human-level interaction to empower individuals and society, by providing new abilities to perceive and understand complex phenomena, to individually and collectively solve problems, and to empower individuals with new abilities for creativity and experience.

HumanE AI Net is well aligned with and supports the overall European AI initiative CLAIRE. Working together, these two initiatives, jointly with other AI activities, the community at large, the commission and its member states, are perfectly suited to significantly strengthen European AI to the degree necessary to become a dominant player in the global AI landscape, by mobilizing the critical mass and large-scale engagement in AI across Europe.

CLAIRE and HumanE AI Net share a commitment to leveraging all areas of AI, to strongly connect with disciplines beyond AI, and to ensure a European focus on human-centred AI, i.e., on AI that augments, rather than replaces, human intelligence.

See the full HumaneAI Vision here.

CLAIRE has played an important role in establishing the current HumanE AI Net consortium, and within the 53 HumanE AI Net consortium partners there are currently 81 CLAIRE Network members. HumanE AI Net will leverage the CLAIRE network for interaction with AI experts not represented in the ICT-48 networks in areas where such expertise might be beneficial to HumanE AI Net, via participation in regular CLAIRE events and use of the CLAIRE communications platform.

HumanE AI Net and CLAIRE, along with TAILOR and VISION, are planning a series of joint so-called Theme Development Workshops (TDW) to bring together key players from specific industry sectors with key AI researchers, as well as additional stakeholders. The objectives are to jointly identify the strategic AI research areas and challenges in the scope of the workshop and to set up collaborative structures for further addressing them beyond the event.