The TAILOR project was selected by the European Commission in the ICT-48-2020 call to form a strong research network of academic institutions and industry partners to develop the scientific basis for trustworthy artificial intelligence (Trustworthy AI). In particular, the dimensions of explainability, safety, fairness, liability/responsibility and reproducibility, data protection and privacy as well as sustainability will be appropriately addressed by using approaches from the field of machine learning, optimization methods and approaches of reasoning and combining or integrating them in a meaningful way. The consortium is led by Dr. Fredrik Heintz, who is a researcher at Linköping University in Sweden and is also President of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS) and member of the Extended Core Team of CLAIRE.

Within the 55 TAILOR consortium partners there are currently 88 CLAIRE Network members. TAILOR and CLAIRE, along with HumanE AI Net and VISION, are planning a series of joint so-called Theme Development Workshops (TDW) to bring together key players from specific industry sectors with key AI researchers, as well as additional stakeholders. The objectives are to jointly identify the strategic AI research areas and challenges in the scope of the workshop and to set up collaborative structures for further addressing them beyond the event.