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Steen, Marc Senior Research Scientist TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Interest in Responsible Data Innovation and Design for Wellbeing.

Kemper, Jeroen Strategy & Projects Manager NN Group Pays-bas Industrie
Pachet, François Dr. Spotify France Industrie

EurAI Fellow, Spotify

Schmidhuber, Jürgen Chief Scientist & Co-Founder; Scientific Director, Professor of AI NNAISENSE; Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA, USI & SUPSI Suisse Academia, Industrie
Bahlmann, Claus Head of Department Siemens AG, Mobiliy Division Allemagne Industrie
Fallica, Gabriele Benedetto Digital Strategic Planner Web4raw Italie Industrie

Natural Language – AI*IA Member – Semantic search engine prototype study

Correa da Silva, Flavio S Associate Professor, Chief AI Officer University of Sao Paulo, Autem Medical Brésil Academia, Industrie

Director Laboratory of Intelligent Interactive Systems (Brazil), member AI*IA (Italy), Senior member SSAISB (UK), Senior member ACM (US), Honorary research fellow Univ. Aberdeen (UK)

Chiancone, Andrea Italie Industrie

AI*IA member

Cammisa, Marco AI Practice Manager Exprivia SPA Italie Industrie
Calejo, Miguel CTO Logical Contracts Portugal Industrie

Former President, Portuguese AI Association

Hindriks, Koen Associate Professor Delft University of Technology Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Giollo, Manuel Reserch Scientist Amazon Italie Industrie
Gilardoni, Luca Managing Director KIE srl Italie Industrie

AI*IA member

Galasso, Fabio Head of Department OSRAM Allemagne Industrie
Felix, Rudolf Managing Director PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH, Company in the PSI Group Allemagne Industrie

PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro GmbH is a Company within the PSI Software AG Group. I´m charaing the AI actitivities in the PSI Group.

Kocsis, Otilia Managing Director SC BOK Technologies & Solutions SRL Roumanie Industrie
Latkowski, Rafal Director of Data & Technology, Lecturer LoyaltyPartner/emnos Pologne Industrie
Levacher, Killian Research Scientist IBM Research Ireland Irlande Industrie
Manzini, Alberto Data Scientist Energy Way Italie Industrie

AI*IA member

Martin, Francisco Co-founder and CEO BigML, Inc Espagne Industrie
Przewozniczek, Michal Assistant Professor Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Pologne Academia, Industrie
Neukart, Florian Principal Scientist / Assistant Professor Volkswagen Group Region Americas, University of Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Monette, Jean-Noël Software developer Tacton Systems AB Suède Industrie
Veldsink, Jan Lecturer Professor Rabobank, Nyenrode Business University Pays-bas Industrie

Head of AI and Cognitive computing in Rabobank Compliance

Vitulano, Felice Innovation Manager Exprivia SPA Italie Industrie
Ziafati, Pouyan Co-Founder and CEO / Research fellow LuxAI / University of Luxembourg Luxembourg Academia, Industrie
Prenger, Tjeerd Entrepreneur AI enthusiast Italie Industrie, Autre
van der Putten, Peter WW Director Decisioning Solutions & Assistant Professor Pegasystems & Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
van den Broek, Egon L. Assistant Professor Utrecht University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Schmeier, Sven Associate Head Company Allemagne Industrie
Basadonne, Alessia PhD candidate (Executive) University of Pavia Italie Academia, Industrie
Montmirail, Valentin PhD Student CRIL, CNRS and Artois University France Academia, Industrie
van Hoof, Charel Ir, MBA/MBI, Sr. VP VC Pays-bas Industrie
Mohr, Florian Team Leader Research Center Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Gogas, Periklis Associate Professor Democritus University of Thrace Grèce Academia, Industrie

Department of Economics

Körber, Nils MMI Allemagne Industrie
Biraghi, Riccardo Software Engineer IBM Italie Industrie
Oliver, Nuria Director of Research in Data Science & Chief Data Scientist Company and NGO Espagne Industrie, Autre

Expertise Statistical Machine Learning
Human Behavior modeling from data
Interactive, intelligent systems
Computational Social Sciences
ACM Fellow
IEEE Fellow
EuroAI Fellow
Academic of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering
Spokesperson and member of the Panel of Experts for the Spanish Government on AI and Big Data

Kapidis, Georgios Grèce Academia, Industrie
Zayed, Mohamed Senior Research and Development Engineer Jouve France Industrie
Martin, Pompéry Philipps-Universität Marburg Allemagne Industrie
Moura, Paulo Researcher INESC TEC Portugal Academia, Industrie

PhD in Logic Programming. Creator of the Logtalk programming language.

Volz, Raphael Professor Pforzheim University Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Marcel, Burggraf Integration and Operations Architect Dimension Data AG&Co.KG Allemagne Industrie

As a kind of Consultant I´m used to identify technology solutions which improve my clients business outcome to automate or optimize operational services (not only technical). This starts from a technical analysis and ends with the conception, coordinating the implementation of the services, train the teams or to build new teams.

van Remortel, Piet Dr. MDCPartners Belgique Industrie
Mulder, Tom Lead Data Scientist Wehkamp Pays-bas Industrie
Varanasi, Kiran Researcher DFKI Allemagne Industrie
de Jong, Youri Product Manager KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

I am interested in opening up research possibilities for students/researchers into the use of machine learning in highly operations driven environments (in this case airline operations)

Shoaib, Muhammad AI specialist Kaios Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Massimiliano, Ruocco Associate Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norvège Academia, Industrie

Senior Research Scientist, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Telenor

Elbert, Fliek AI Solutions Lead Kaios Pays-bas Industrie
Robino, Giorgio software engineer UNIGE/CNR Italie Academia, Industrie

I created first italian conference about conversational computing. I manage now, the italian chatbot community blog. I’m interested in general in Conversational AI.

Timmer, Sander Healthcare Industry Solutions Manager for AI Microsoft Belgique Industrie
Heesen, Robert Director Product Comapny Allemagne Industrie

Company specialized in applied AI in language and image processing

de Vries, Gerben Applied Scientist Wizenoze Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Alfieri, Claudio Arthur Partner Machine Learning Reply Italie Industrie
van Rijn, Flip Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and Master degree in Artificial Intelligence with the specialisation in robotics.
Interests in computer vision.

Besold, Tarek R. AI Lead @ Alpha Health Telefonica Innovation Alpha Espagne Industrie

Interests/areas of expertise: Cognitive systems; explainable AI, computational creativity.

Groen, Roland Chief Innovation Officer Company Pays-bas Industrie
Papahristou, Nikolaos University of Macedonia, Greek Ministry of Education Grèce Academia, Industrie
Desain, Peter Full Professor of AI Radboud University and MindAffect Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Brain Computer Interfaces

Bauer, Klaus Head of Basic Technology Development TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co.Kg Allemagne Industrie
Schreurs, Ruben CEO Company | Digital Decisions Pays-bas Industrie

AI in Digital Marketing, Data Management, Deep-Learning applications.

Fages, Jean-Guillaume Co-founder COSLING France Industrie

Constraint Programming Expert
Choco Solver co-administrator
ACP Doctoral Research Award
AFIA Doctoral Research Award

Tax, Niek PhD candidate Eindhoven University of Technology Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Mc Garvey, John Strategic Partnerships, Senior Manager Infectious Media Royaume-Uni Industrie
Menz, Andreas Specialist for software rollout Allemagne Industrie

Huge interest in deep and machine learning. Professional experience in neuronal nets and interaction with mass data in the automotive sector. German Diplom degree in business informatics in Karlsruhe (HSKA).

MENAKIEV, Preslav Business Analyst Luxembourg Industrie
Vovkanics, Ivan Data Scientist UNIQA Australie Industrie
Wind, Roland Software Architect Company Australie Industrie
Hill, Jon University of Edinburgh Allemagne Industrie
Reichenberger, Volker Professor University Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Seiffert, Ulrich game designer ++ gameus!de Allemagne Industrie, Autre

KI is part of (single player) games all the time.
Neuronal networks and genetic programming are new ways to enhance games (and other applications).

NN, OLAP, GAME-KI, System Integration (big data integration)

Ullrich, Simon Head of Research Company: Naissance Capital Suisse Industrie
Solak, Imdat CTO Company Allemagne Industrie

Areas of interest: Practical AI with European Values!

Richter, Sebastian Co-Founder Coral Innovation Allemagne Industrie

Develop, trained, optimized and deployed a text mining system which recommends content based on technical interests for innovation managers, CEOs and technical staff in general.

Freebody, Dr. King Owner, Entrepreneur Independent Consultant, Automobile Industry Allemagne Industrie

Ph.D-Thesis: « Prediction of the energy yield of wind turbines using probalistic neural networks », 2003

de Greeff, Joachim COO Interactive Robotics Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Eber, Rene Student RWTH Aachen Allemagne Academia, Industrie
ten Have, Herbert CEO Fizyr B.V. Pays-bas Industrie

Deep learning for vision guided robotics. Double winner ot the Amazon Picking Challenge.

Zandvliet, Martijn Lead Programmer / R&D Ramjet Anvil Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

I work as a data scientist and research and development lead in a small startup that develops natural language processing tools. Other than that I am a scholar with interest in machine learning, theoretical physics, and mathematics.

As an EU citizen I am concerned not just with the EU falling behind in the field of AI, but also with the fact that policy makers don’t seem to know much about it at all. Through efforts like CLAIRE I hope that the EU can increase its competitive edge, and ensure that policy makers (and EU citizens in general) are educated on the increasing effects of AI on the future course of our continent.

Deecke, Christopher Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Liebegott, Mike CEO Futureworxx Allemagne Industrie
Esper, Ian Principal Software Engineer / M.Sc Defense Engineering Meddit Brésil Academia, Industrie
de Gea Fernandez, Jose Team Leader DFKI Robotics Innovation Center Allemagne Academia, Industrie

José de Gea Fernández, born in 1976, received his M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering (2002) from the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), Spain and his PhD in Robotics (2011) from the University of Bremen, Germany. Between 2003 and 2009 he was a Researcher at the Robotics Group of the University of Bremen. Since 2009 he is working at the Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) of DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) in Bremen. There, from 2011 to 2013 he acted as Deputy Head of the Department for « Mobility and Manipulation ». Currently, he is Senior Researcher and the Head of the Team « Robot Control ». He has co-authored over 40 scientific publications and has been involved in different German national (BMBF, DFG, BMWi, DLR) and European projects (EU, ESA) in several areas within his research in robotic manipulation. He led the DFKI team in the German project SemProm, which specified the software / hardware characteristics and designed the control strategies for the humanoid robot AILA. He acted as project leader of the DFKI contributions in the EU Project Robofoot and led the four-year project BesMan (Behaviors for Mobile Manipulation), funded by BMWi (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) and DLR (German Space Agency). His main research area is on mobile manipulation, basically interested on control concepts to perform complex manipulation actions in unstructured and dynamically changing environments. He is also active in the area of safe human-robot collaboration, currently leading the European project FourByThree in which DFKI RIC develops new series-elastic actuators to create safer industrial robot manipulators. Moreover, he led the cooperation project iMRK with Volkswagen in which a novel safe and intuitive dual-arm robotic system was developed for human-robot collaboration in production scenarios. Currently, he leads the DFKI RIC contributions in the project HyBr-iT (funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research – BMBF) in the area of human-robot collaboration which includes important industrial participation.

Rouvoet, Lars Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Highly interested in AI

Diez-Olivan, Alberto Senior Data Scientist, PhD TECNALIA Research & Innovation Espagne Academia, Industrie

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to be added as a supporter of the CLAIRE vision document on behalf of TECNALIA Research & Innovation.
TECNALIA Research & Innovation ( is a private, independent, non profit applied research centre of international excellence. Legally a Foundation, TECNLIA is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. The main goal is to transform knowledge into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological development, addressed by 7 business divisions, covering economic sectors of Energy, Industry, Transportation, Construction, Health and ICT. TECNALIA is a key agent in the ERA (European Research Area) and it also actively participates in the governing bodies of several European Technology Platforms and partners. TECNALIA is a member of EARTO and of EUROTECH, linking together the most important research centres in Europe. This research network represents an excellent opportunity to provide a deep knowledge of future trends in society and technology to the group on AI. TECNALIA has been granted over 250 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies, which highlights the knowledge-to-application-oriented activity in which I have developed my research activity.
I have more than 10 years experience in research activities related to AI paradigms at TECNALIA, which includes working in both national and international (EU funded) projects and targeting different application sectors such as maritime, renewable energy, railway, agro-food, civil structures and machine-tool. My research activity is focused on data science, transforming the intelligent analysis of information in competitive advantage for society, from imagination and innovation to real, sustainable impact. I also have an interdisciplinary training in engineering and computing, with strong quantitative skills. The ability to work in a team, a strong work ethic and problem solving skills are some of my strengths. Therefore, I strongly believe I can contribute to the CLAIRE vision document.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Alberto Diez-Olivan.

Wilken, Pierre Jack Softwaredeveloper Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Donini, Michele Applied Scientist II Amazon États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Patz, Matthias Vice President Innovation & New Ventures Deutsche Bahn Allemagne Industrie

At DB Systel (digital partner of Deutsche Bahn) we are developing AI-enabled service (eg audio & video analytics, as well as predictive analytics) for travel & transport domaine.

Fabrizio, Magugliani Strategic Planning E4 Computer Engineering SpA Italie Industrie

Consulting with key customers to define the road map and market positioning for the AI/ML/DL products and services of E4 Computer Engineering. Identifying start-ups and innovative thinkers for potential partnerships and collaborations. Identifying, driving, developing & supporting opportunities for E4 Computer Engineering’s products and solutions in the AI/ML/DL space.

Verberckmoes, Olivier Belgique Academia, Industrie
Merkwirth, Christian ML Engineer Nauto Pologne Academia, Industrie
Reh, Fabian Business Analyst Allemagne Industrie
Herpson, Cédric Associate Professor Sorbonne Université, LIP6 France Academia, Industrie
Schenk, Willem Executive Assistant to the Dean of Hybrid Design Studies Parsons School of Design États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Edelkoort, Lidewij trend forecaster Trend Union France Industrie
Elakehal, Emad Eldeen MD ibiidi ltd Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Kapitan, Daniel Chief Data Scientist Mediquest Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

PhD in Physics
Practicing data scientist in healthcare
Interested in establishing open, safe, auditable and understandable AI for public good

Metzke, Tobias Head of Legal & Compliance Mandaris AG Suisse Industrie
Franke, Jörn CTO ZuInnoTe Allemagne Academia, Industrie

* Data Science
* Big Data Platforms
* Blockchain Analytics

De Coninck, Sven Ceo Belgique Industrie, Autre
Espericueta, Rafael Computer Science PhD Student (focusing on machine learning) University of California, Santa Cruz États-Unis Academia, Industrie

n computer vis/*mM

van der Beek, Timmo CTO Laboratoire Laser Afrique Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Misur, Marin Ph.D Croatie Academia, Industrie
Schneider, Lukas B.Sc. Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Chennamkara, Suresh Client Services Specialist Fitch Solitions Allemagne Industrie
Melis, Frank CEO Industry Pays-bas Industrie supports local economies with KeyBattleFramework to ignite economic opportunities to mobilize all talents and assets by winning a number of selected ‘key battles’. We digest all the data collected in the network in CockpitWork (big data analysis tool) to generate meaningful information for all stakeholders including policy makers in public sector. We develop new AI and ML techniques to serve policy makers in Europe.

Emmanouil, Patavos Senior Director FTI Consulting Belgique Industrie
Murphy, Maximillian Suisse Academia, Industrie

I have a PhD in pure mathematics and have over a decade of experience in working with datasets over 1 Tb. I am now working on feature extraction from very small datasets, which is very different!

Boeni, Michael Chairman & CEO Blackzendo AG Suisse Academia, Industrie
Feusi, Michael Business Analyst Swisscom Suisse Industrie
Zeidler, Philip Allemagne Industrie
Köther, Ulf CEO KRT Medical Solutions GmbH & Co. KG Allemagne Industrie
Pirig, Claudia Consultant Allemagne Industrie
Dhar, Prajit PhD/Scientific Researcher Leiden University Inde Academia, Industrie
de Wendt, Markus CEO Open Logic Systems GmbH&Co.KG Allemagne Academia, Industrie

diploma in computer science. For more than 20 years working with data driven methods like AI.

Lex, Knape Chief Data Science Officer Data Analytics Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Frick, Nicholas Teamleader Allemagne Industrie
Mikhaylovskiy, Nikolay CEO NTR Lab Russie Industrie
Guth, Michael Technology Transfer Organization Allemagne Industrie, Autre

Managin SME network on artificial intelligence for machine building and production

Adranale, Deyaa Senior Data Scientist CEP Group Allemagne Industrie
van der Spek, Thierry Leiden University, LIACS Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Portmann, Edy Swiss Post Professor of Computer Science University of Fribourg Suisse Academia, Industrie
Yali, Wang PhD candidate Leiden University Chine Academia, Industrie
Haemmerl, Norbert Software development, data science leadership GWVS mbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Applied data science with machine learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms

Azevedo, Carlos Experienced Researcher in IoT Technologies Ericsson Research Suède Academia, Industrie

Distributed machine intelligence, multi-objective optimization, decision-making under uncertainty, flexible machine learning.

Maurice, Kügler Investment Manager High-Tech Gründerfonds Allemagne Academia, Industrie

As a representative from Germanys biggest seed venture capital fund I am interested in supporting the AI research initiative (not only) from an ivestors perspective

Haarich, Max Ambassador to Munich Republic of Užupis Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre

We foster cooperations between arts and tech to create innovations that are more inspired and more human-centered – especially for disruptive technologies like AI, AR/VR, robotics and biohacking.

Our embassy’s honorary consul Roboy ( is the world’s first artificially intelligent diplomat.

Verhoef, Wilco Student Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Pritz, Torsten Delivery Manager Allemagne Industrie
Thiele, Thomas Expert for Artificial Intelligence Deutsche Bahn Allemagne Academia, Industrie

AI Expert @ Deutsche Bahn with a research background from RWTH Aachen University (Cybernetics Lab/Information Management in Mechanical Engineering)

Winterer, Thorsten PhD, Team Lead Optimization flexis AG Allemagne Industrie

member of ACM, GI, GOR

Kaplan, Frederic Professor EPFL Suisse Academia, Industrie
Steinmann, Rolf Suisse Industrie
Widmer, Tobias CTO Onedot Suisse Academia, Industrie

« Big Data is not the new oil: small and messy data, properly refined, is the new fuel. »

Technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience, software engineering, software architecture to project management, data management, product development, business operations, business strategy and entrepreneurship.

Currently Co-Founder and CTO at Onedot, an AI-powered data preparation company in Zürich, Switzerland. I head product development, technical recruiting, IT strategy and IT architecture from front to back and coach our exceptionally talented team to excel at what they do.

Tverdyshev, Sergey Allemagne Academia, Industrie
De Cat, Broes Senior product analyst OM Partners Belgique Academia, Industrie
De Kock, P. Director Jheronimus Academy of Data Science Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Ornek, Evin Pinar Master’s Student TU Munich Turquie Academia, Industrie
Simonsen, Kristian Munter Master student OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University Norvège Academia, Industrie
van Zoelen, Emma Graduating MSc Student AI Utrecht University & TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Currently working on Human-Agent Teaming

Vandersleyen, Joachim Manager Software Engineering AISIN Belgique Industrie

Background: computer science
Day to day: lead a team of data scientists and software engineers in the domain of mobility
Affiliations : IEEE, ACM, ITS, ERTICO

Saglik, Tolga Masters Student University of Luxembourg Luxembourg Academia, Industrie
Hartenstein, Mark MSc. Student Imperial College London Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Engineer in industrial AI project, soon master’s student of machine learning.

Ustun, Ceyda Phd student CEU Hongrie Academia, Industrie
Nguembang Fadja, Arnaud University of Ferrara Italie Academia, Industrie
Lukasson-Herzig, Anna CEO NYRIS GmbH Allemagne Industrie

nyris is a visual search engine, our tech is leading in terms of speed and scalability.

Eldesouky, Bahaa Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Krennwallner, Thomas Australie Academia, Industrie
Kröchert, Maria engineer Allemagne Industrie
Loeckx, Johan Lab manager Artificial Intelligence Lab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgique Academia, Industrie
Defferrard, Michaël PhD student EPFL Suisse Academia, Industrie
Rethmeier, Nils Researcher DFKI Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Working on practical AI solutions since 2010.
PhD student at DFKI working on Unsupervised Learning, Machine Teaching, Reinforcement Learning and model interpretability for Common Sense Understanding.

Erdogan, Emre PhD Student Bogazici University Turquie Academia, Industrie
Maus, Heiko Head of Topic Area Knowledge Work at DFKI / Dr. German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Semantic Technologies, Organizational Memory, Semantic Desktop, Context, Knowledge Work, Personal Information Management

Vercauteren, Mathias Founder One Data Partner Belgique Industrie
Luppes, Jeffrey Master Student, Machine Learning Engineer iCIS Radboud University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Herbig, Nico Researcher / PhD student German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Saarland Informatics Campus Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Meertens, Quinten PhD student LIACS, Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Kefalas, Marios PhD candidate Leiden University Grèce Academia, Industrie
Dr. Bernardi, Ansgar Principal Researcher DFKI GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Engels, Mikael Senior IT Business teacher / Tutor data analytics Teacher, researcher and tutor Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Teaching data analytics, transfer learning and data science management.

Angelo, Basile Master Student University of Groningen Italie Academia, Industrie
Ieva, Carlo Senior Research Engineer Simula Research Laboratory Norvège Academia, Industrie
Cetoli, Alberto Research Engineer Context Scout Italie Industrie
Keshavarzi, Alireza Master Student University of Tubingen Allemagne Academia, Industrie
van Stein, Bas PostDoc University of Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Pavlidis, Pavlos Student University Grèce Academia, Industrie
Porwoll, Martin Allemagne Industrie, Autre
Colombo, Michele Master Student; Machine Learning Engineer University of Pisa; BioBeats Group Ltd Italie Academia, Industrie
Esen, Sercan Senior Software Developer & MSc Computer Engineering Sony & Bogazici University Turquie Industrie
van den Berg, Jelle Student University of Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Leysen, Christiaan CEO & Co Founder Overture Belgique Academia, Industrie
Erden, Berna MS student Bogazici University Turquie Academia, Industrie
de Winter, Roy Master student University of Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Gario, Marco Senior Research Scientist Siemens Corporation États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Wieland, Fabian Scrum Master Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall Allemagne Industrie, Autre
Sadler, Philipp M.Sc. Cognitive Systems University of Potsdam Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Bruinsma, Nick CEO Pixelbluemedia Pays-bas Industrie
Berger, Armin CEO 3pc GmbH Neue Kommunikation Allemagne Industrie
Kupnik, Samo B.Sc. Bionic Engineering Student Slovénie Industrie

As one of first graduate Engineer of Bionics in Slovenia looking forward to work with A.I. in industry as well in research for development of new production methods and environmental solutions in nanobionic sphere.

Pham, Vu Dual-Student Hamburg School of Business Administration Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Machine Learning Nanodegree,
Interests in Deep Learning, Capsule Networks.

Immer, Alexander MSc Student EPFL Suisse Academia, Industrie
Confalonieri, Roberto Assistant Professor Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italie Academia, Industrie
Serra, Joan Researcher Telefonica Research Espagne Industrie
Kampffmeyer, Ulrich Managing Director PROJECT CONSULT Unternehmensberatung GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre Curriculum, Publications, Awards, Fellowships

Babelotzky, Wilfried Allemagne Industrie
Jimenez, Luis Project Manager GPOMCT Mexique Industrie
Grefenstette, Gregory Chief Science Officer Biggerpan France Academia, Industrie

natural language processing, information retrieval

Pals, Hugo Pays-bas Industrie
Müller, Johann Dipl. Ing Engeneer Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Lopez-Sanchez, Maite Phd. Associate Professor or Tenured University Lecturer/Professor Universitat de Barcelona Espagne Academia, Industrie

Areas of interest/expertise: Multi-Agent Systems, Ethical issues.

Sindhya, Karthik Cofounder, Chief business development officer FINNOPT Ltd. Finlande Industrie

Cofounder, consultant of FINNOPT providing technology solutions in the area of computational intelligence to global companies. Also, docent of the Faculty of IT, University of Jyväskylä Finland


55 rue de Mareil 78100 SAINT GERMAIN EN LAYE FRANCE

Hod, Shlomi Student in Cognitive Systems Master Program Potsdam University Israël Academia, Industrie
Steiner, Ralf Inventor+Founder IPCentury Project IPCentury Holding Allemagne Industrie

IPCentury is an AI-based search and analysis tool for technical developments (patents). The huge (>10^7 nodes) AI-network is mapped (in a special way) on a Hilbert-space to effectively run the analysis.
Note for more.

Wansink, Bob Msc Student Universiteit Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Macho González, Santiago Head of the R&D department SENSEDI Espagne Academia, Industrie
Hendrickx, Kilian Researcher KU Leuven / Siemens PLM Software Belgique Academia, Industrie
Saget, Sylvie University of Gothenburg Suède Academia, Industrie, Autre
Bischof, Stefan Research Scientist Siemens Corporate Technology Australie Industrie
Moyse, Gilles CEO reciTAL France Academia, Industrie
Compagnon, Paul PhD student LIRIS/INSA Lyon – Orange Labs France Academia, Industrie

deep learning

Ruijter, Sander Master Student University of Leiden Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Rane, Roshan Prakash Masters in Cognitive Systems University of Potsdam Inde Academia, Industrie
Lőrincz, András Senior Researcher Eötvös Loránd University Hongrie Academia, Industrie

Application of Explainable AI (XAI) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in diverse fields

Collet, Christopher Allemagne Industrie
Prévoteaux, Simon Data Scientist Thales France Industrie
Aryan, Abi Researcher Delegano États-Unis Industrie
El Mernissi, Karim Ph.d. in AI Sorbonne University France Academia, Industrie
Lercher, Alexander Student Alpen-Adria-Universität Australie Academia, Industrie
Karatsin, Ilias Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Grèce Academia, Industrie, Autre

Neapoli, Madytou 34

Correia, Paulo Ms Student Faculdade Ciencias UL Portugal Academia, Industrie


Shafi, Jawad Assistant professor COMSATS Univeristy Islamabad, Lahore Campus. Pakistan Academia, Industrie
Mulayim, Mehmet Oguz PhD student IIIA-CSIC Espagne Academia, Industrie

Conducting research primarily on Machine Learning for Healthcare; Case-Based Reasoning; Introspective Reasoning.

Le Goc, Marc Full Professor Université Aix-Marseille France Academia, Industrie
Bozo, Merve Software Engineer Istanbul Technical University Turquie Academia, Industrie
Dimassi, Mouhamad CEO company France Academia, Industrie
Hohmeyer, Frank Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Kovacs, Peter None None Slovaquie Industrie, Autre
Fuchs, Philipp Bachelor Electrical Engineering TU München, Infineon Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Koeman, Vincent PhD candidate Delft University of Technology Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Beerepoot, Iris PhD researcher VU Amsterdam Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Stampfli, Marc Company Suisse Academia, Industrie
Formolo, Daniel software eng. and phd student vu universiteit amsterdam Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

De Boelelaan 1081
Room T3.18 – Sciences Building

Mazurkevich, Alehander Founder Transfer Money Technologies s.r.o. République Tchèque Academia, Industrie


my and our company would like to offer our team to develop AL, and all new technologies.

Inform me what we need to do thanks.
Transfer Money Technologies s.r.o.

Lefèvre, Lucas Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgique Industrie
Gómez Maureira, Marcello A. PhD Candidate LIACS, Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Martinel, Niki Assistant Professor University of Udine Italie Academia, Industrie
Platter, Frederik Florian Student Universität Klagenfurt Italie Academia, Industrie
Calimeri, Francesco University of Calabria Italie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Dahl, Veronica Professor (Emeritus) Simon Fraser University Canada Academia, Industrie, Autre

Areas: very interested in Responsible AI (co-applicant of one such proposal), particularly in interface with legal aspects. Other strong areas of research: computational linguistic, grammatical inference for indigenous, under sourced languages, logic programming (one of the 15 founders), computational molecular biology, constraint based reasoning (CHR), knowledge bases, responsible AI.
Awards include: Chair of Excellence Award from the European Commission (2008-2011), for my work on Constraint Solving and Language Processing for Bioinformatics. See other awards at

Barge, Alexander CTO compaio Allemagne Industrie
Meisgen, Frank Dr. Vodafone GmbH Allemagne Industrie

Head of Big Data Technology Germany

Bahar, Kazim CEO AISOMA AG Allemagne Industrie
Ballester, Guifré Master of Data Science UPC Espagne Industrie
Galajda, Martin Student, programmer Masaryk university Slovaquie Academia, Industrie
Traeger, Manfred Director I.R.I.S. AG Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Garcia de Guindos, Iciar graded Psicology + student IT Uned Espagne Academia, Industrie
Carles, Jose L. Student UNED Espagne Academia, Industrie
Piatov, Danila Researcher Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italie Academia, Industrie
Fredriksson, Einar Director Ios Press B.V. Pays-bas Industrie
Rienstra, Tjitze Researcher Koblenz University Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Polimeni, Francesco Company Italie Industrie

Areas of interest:
– logic programming
– transfer learning
– differentiable neural reasoning

Toda, Aleix Student UPC Espagne Academia, Industrie
Gomez-Espinoza Martin, Roberto CTO Espagne Academia, Industrie

Roberto Gómez-Espinosa holds an Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering Master Degree from Polytechnic University of Madrid and several specializations in artificial intelligence technologies: « Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng (Stanford CS230 Course) », « Deep Learning NanoDegree by Udacity », « Self Driving Car Engineer by Udacity », « Professional Program Certificate in Data Science by Microsoft », “Machine Learning Specialization by the University of Washington,” « Big Data Specialization by University of California San Diego » , “Machine Learning by Stanford Online University”.

Chamorro Martinez, Jorge Andres MSc. Student focused in Deep Learning Ponthficial University of Rio de Janeiro Colombie Academia, Industrie
Castellor, Roberto Espagne Industrie
Stavseng, Gry Helene Project manager OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University Norvège Academia, Industrie, Autre
Stiegler, Fabian Developer AAU Klaugenfurt, OpenText Australie Academia, Industrie
Houben, Marco Student Company/ university Pays-bas Industrie
Junker, Ulrich France Academia, Industrie

Interests: preference handling and explanation generation. Chair of a working group on advances in preference handling.

Seeberg, Peter business development manager Allemagne Industrie
Montoya, Rafa Researcher UNED Espagne Academia, Industrie
Schober, Fabian Student Universität Klagenfurt Australie Academia, Industrie
Lamerichs, Geert Msc economics, quantum computing business analyst Tilburg university, Accenture Pays-bas Industrie

I’m analyzing the market potential of Quantum Computing, which has some strong affeliations with AI. I believe it is benificial for the EU to fund this industry more, since running behind means losing the race for a more resiliant society to other countries which are heavily investing.

Fumeo, Emanuele Value Advisor Associate SAP Italy S.p.A. Italie Academia, Industrie
Caseau, Yves President of ICT Commission National Academy of Technologies of France France Academia, Industrie

Michelin Group CIO
Scientific council for INRIA and IRT System X
Lead scientist / dev for Knomee

Del Verme, Manuel MSc Sapieniza Univeristy of Rome Italie Academia, Industrie
Zouganeli, Evi Associate Professor OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University Norvège Academia, Industrie
Štepec, Dejan Software Developer XLAB d.o.o Slovénie Academia, Industrie
Gonzalez Rocha, Sergio Natan Full Time Professor Universidad Veracruzana Mexique Academia, Industrie
Hernández, Félix Associate Professor UNEX Espagne Academia, Industrie
Ferrario, Andrea University of Udine Italie Academia, Industrie
Fischer, Tim Apprentice Bank Vontobel AG Suisse Industrie

I am intending to obtain my Master Degree in Data Science

Gaimari, Giancarlo Technical Partner RINA Consulting Italie Industrie
Fuchs, Maximilian Student TU Darmstadt Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Van Haaren, Jan Head of Data & Analytics SciSports Belgique Academia, Industrie
Aguilar Sotos, Ares Student UNED Espagne Academia, Industrie
Rosendahl, Ann-Marie CEO AR Digital Verksamhetsutveckling AB Suède Industrie
Graf, Benjamin Software Architect / Data Scientist SAP SE Allemagne Industrie
Hussing, Marcel Student TU Darmstadt Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Philonenko, Laurent SVP, Innovation Avaya États-Unis Industrie

AI is going to transform numerous industries, including communications and contact centers. I am involved and driving leading AI projects.

Kukkonen, Kaisa PhD student Turku School of Economics Finlande Academia, Industrie
Meusel, Robert Head of Data Science – Digital Connected Assets SAP SE Allemagne Industrie
Rosa, Juan Luis UPC Barcelona Espagne Industrie
Basar, Erkanb PhD Candidate Radboud University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Previously, I have studied Artificial Intelligence Master Programme at Radboud University as a member of Radboud Scholarship Programme. During my master studies, I was working in FloodTags[1] as a part-time developer as well. Currently, I continue my studies as a PhD student at Radboud University and continue working as a computational linguist in the same company. Thus, I have experience in working with artificial intelligence technology both in academia and in private sector.


Veldhuis, Ton director Company + PublicPrivatePartnerships Pays-bas Industrie
De Caigny, Arno PhD Candidate IESEG School of Management Belgique Academia, Industrie
Karpova, Liubov Student University Potsdam Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Kada, Prasad Consultant Capgemini Suède Industrie
Kalfoglou, Yannis AI Strategist Samsung Research Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Samsung R&D Institut

Ruder, Sebastian PhD student National University of Galway, Ireland Irlande Academia, Industrie

Natural language processing

Jilek, Christian DFKI GmbH & TU Kaiserslautern Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Schröder, Markus DFKI GmbH, TU Kaiserslautern Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Tsamardinos, Ioannis Professor University of Crete Grèce Academia, Industrie
Kuijpers, Roelof Pays-bas Industrie
Garcia Frey, Alfonso CEO YOTAKO S.A. Luxembourg Academia, Industrie
Rahimli, Kanan Ms Student Sapienza Azerbaijan Industrie

I do independent researches on integrating AI technology with Medical Systems.

Kirtsoudis, Dimitris Student Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Grèce Academia, Industrie
Durodola, Lola Ololade Manager HSBC Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Artificial Intelligence ethics; Artificial Intelligence in financial institutions; focus on employee surveillance. Coined #AIFearFactor. See paper at

Rodríguez, Abián Student, Computer Science Degree Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Espagne Academia, Industrie
Fernandes de Oliveira, Rafael CTO Curiosity GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Haya, Pablo Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Espagne Academia, Industrie
Romeijn, Marc Machine Learning Engineer Spotify Pays-bas Industrie
Kottapalli, Jayshree Global Head of Ai and Analytics Vodafone Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Martinez Palenzuela, Yaser Senior Data Scientist Deustche Telekom Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Kirkedal, Andreas Senior speech research scientist Interactions LLC Danemarque Academia, Industrie

NLP and speech technology

Hera, Andrei Software Engineer Continental Automotive Roumanie Academia, Industrie
Perret, Jérémy R&D Engineer Hubware France Academia, Industrie

PhD in AI, Natural Language Processing.

Penkov, Svetlin The Univeristy of Edinburgh Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Ramisa, Arnau Research scientist Wide Eyes Technologies Espagne Academia, Industrie
Wasik, Szymon Assistant Professor Poznan University of Technology Pologne Academia, Industrie
Anil, Mehmet Ali Director Grus BV Pays-bas Industrie

Biological neural netwirk sims,HW implementations, accelerator chips

Herremans, Dorien Assistant Professor Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapour Academia, Industrie

– Marie-Curie Individual Fellow for Experienced Researchers (completed, QMUL, London)

– Current position, lab leader in Singapore, but would like to be affiliated with Europe AI movement.

– Senior member IEEE

Purohit, Ashwin Allemagne Industrie
Ahmed Bem, Ajaz Board University Royaume-Uni Industrie
Persidis, Andreas CEO/Dr Biovista Grèce Industrie
Acar, Ayşe Student İstanbul Bilgi University Turquie Academia, Industrie
Orteg-Mier, Miguel Head of Department Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Espagne Academia, Industrie
Roca, Carlos Student UNED SPAIN Espagne Academia, Industrie
Rúbio, Thiago Researcher / PhD Student LIACC / Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto Portugal Academia, Industrie
Bergmann, Urs Research Lead Zalando Research, Zalando SE Allemagne Industrie
St-Jean, Richard VP Terraform power Canada Industrie
Chaves, Pedro Web Developer Coordinator Portugal Academia, Industrie
Bartoletti, Ivana Head of Privacy and Data Protection Gemserv Royaume-Uni Industrie
Buchheister, Sandra Portfolio Manager AI DB Systel GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Giannakopoulos, George Research Fellow (Demokritos) and CTO (SciFY) NCSR « Demokritos » and SciFY PNPC Grèce Academia, Industrie
Lamballais Tessensohn, Tim Junior Scientist TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Sánchez, Katia Espagne Industrie, Autre
Bonenkamp, Koen Co founde Bloqhouse Pays-bas Industrie
Redlhammer, Ekkehard CEO DYNAXITY (company) Australie Academia, Industrie
Roberge-Mentec, Tristan Knowledge Transfer Officer CERN France Academia, Industrie
Fichte, Johannes PostDoc TU Dresden Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Manieri, Andrea Project/Proposal Manager Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa Italie Industrie
Kraume, Karsten CIO Bertelsmann / Arvato Allemagne Academia, Industrie

The ERCIS Omni-Channel Lab, at the University of Münster, is a partnership between ERCIS and Arvato CRM Solutions. The Lab combines the academic research and teaching activities of ERCIS and Arvato’s practical experience of delivering tech-enabled Omni-Channel CRM solutions from 110 global locations for many of the world’s best-known brands. Its areas of investigation focus around ‘Processes’, ‘Data’ and ‘Analytics’. The ERCIS network, is an international and inter-disciplinary network of universities and individual researchers in the field of Information Systems. Close collaboration with industry, in terms of an Advisory Board, ensures the practical relevance of ERCIS research and delivers inspiration for innovative research ideas. For more information, including publications, please go to

Cayrol, Raphael Public Relations Officer Wizata Belgique Industrie
Cuadra, Renzo Student University of Groningen Pays-bas Industrie
Di Gaspero, Luca Associate Professor of Information Technology Università degli Studi di Udine Italie Academia, Industrie
Belloli, Michele Student University Italie Academia, Industrie
Bernal Segura, Jorge Student UNED Espagne Academia, Industrie
Raso, Rocco Researcher German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Allemagne Industrie
Lecue, Freddy Research Manager Accenture Labs Irlande Academia, Industrie
Nowaczyk, Slawomir Associate Professor Halmstad University Suède Academia, Industrie
Meise, Volker CEO / Geschäftsführer Linkfluence Germany GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

We use AI in our software suite for social listening (called Radarly and Search), developed by our HQ in Paris. Happy to showcase if helpful.

Avdic, Edo UX Designer Suède Academia, Industrie
van Breemen, Albert Founder Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Verbeke, Mathias Senior expert data innovation Industrial Research Centre Belgique Academia, Industrie
Nourani, Cyrus Professor Dr. TU Berlin, SFU, MIT, Singularity Hub, GIITM: Germany and USA Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Berlin Germany. and SF, USA.
Editor EIC: Apple Academic Series on Innovations Management.

Bewley, Alex Dr. Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie, Autre

Formally a postdoc from the University of Oxford, I am an AI specialist for robotics and computer vision. I would like to see CLAIRE and ELLIS become a reality.

Reisner, Manfred System Safety, CEO AVQ GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Not only for automated driving we are involved in Safety and Qualification topics on AI.

Hecher, Markus Master TU Wien Australie Academia, Industrie
Jennings, Jeff Lituanie Academia, Industrie, Autre

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Aupetit, Michael Scientist Qatar Computing Research Institute France Academia, Industrie

I study how Visual Analytics, Machine Learning, Topological Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence can support human understanding of complex phenomena and decision.

Siebert, Alexander CEO Retresco Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Wagner, Achim Head of Research German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Schotten, Hans D. Scientific Director german Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Chairman of the German Society for Information Technologies (ITG / VDE),
Member of the Supervisory Board of the VDE Group

Pospiech, Alexander Data Scientist inovex GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Gotszling, Luke États-Unis Industrie
Kofod-Petersen, Anders Deputy Director, Professor The Alexandra Institute Danemarque Academia, Industrie
Civin, Damon Principal data scientist Arm États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Maier, Andreas Head of Pattern Recognition Lab Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Prof. Dr. Andreas Maier was born on 26th of November 1980 in Erlangen. He studied Computer Science, graduated in 2005, and received his PhD in 2009. From 2005 to 2009 he was working at the Pattern Recognition Lab at the Computer Science Department of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His major research subject was medical signal processing in speech data. In this period, he developed the first online speech intelligibility assessment tool – PEAKS – that has been used to analyze over 4.000 patient and control subjects so far.
From 2009 to 2010, he started working on flat-panel C-arm CT as post-doctoral fellow at the Radiological Sciences Laboratory in the Department of Radiology at the Stanford University. From 2011 to 2012 he joined Siemens Healthcare as innovation project manager and was responsible for reconstruction topics in the Angiography and X-ray business unit.
In 2012, he returned the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg as head of the Medical Reconstruction Group at the Pattern Recognition lab. In 2015 he became professor and head of the Pattern Recognition Lab.

Emec, Soner Program Coordinator Mechatronic System Engineering / Dr.-Ing. Technische Universität Berlin Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Soner Emec received his Dr.-Ing. degree from Berlin Institute of Technology for his work on scalable knowledge discovery in streaming sensor data for fault recognition in machining processes, Germany, in 2016. He studied 2009 Engineering Science (Dipl-Ing. ) with a focus on mechatronics at the Berlin Institute of Technology and system dynamics in Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia. He works as a Research Engineer in the Department of Industrial Automation Technology at the production technology center of Berlin, is responsible for the engineering faculty coordination and the launch of the Bachelor-Master degree program Mechatronic Systems Engineering at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul.

He has experience in the areas of sustainable manufacturing, industrial automation and information technologies, and software development. His current research work is the sustainable integration of artificial intelligence techniques in industrial automation to improv scalable condition monitoring, predictive fault detection and online inspection in manufacturing. His research interests focus on the scalable and real-time pattern recognition on industry process data streams using machine learning as an enabler for advanced services and sustainable value creation.

In the past years, Soner Emec has worked on the cross-European project “Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction of Man, Machine, Material, and Method in Manufacturing” (KAP, WP1, WP10) funded as part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU. KAP was a multidisciplinary, industry-supported research initiative with 14 global partners from 8 EU countries, which aimed at developing the next generation ICT technology framework and manufacturing standards to ensure the efficient use of resources through the effective coordination of man, machine, material, and method by an increased intelligence across the automation pyramid.

Köhn, Sebastian Senior Manager Deloitte Germany Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Krawczuk, Igor PhD Student EPFL Suisse Academia, Industrie
Benjelloun Touimi, Abdellatif Senior Standards Manager Huawei Technologies (UK) Royaume-Uni Industrie

I am involved in different AI standardization initiatives, e.g. ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42, ITU-T FG ML for 5G, etc

Loi, Daria Principal Engineer Intel Corporation États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Somaraki, Vassiliki CEO & Founder V&V Health Innovations Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Athanasaki, Despina Student The university of Melbourne Grèce Academia, Industrie
Kayser, Bastian Allemagne Industrie
Bangalore, Srinivas Director of AI Interactions LLC États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Sinclair, Randy Israël Academia, Industrie, Autre


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Yürüten, Onur Data Scientist Evolusys SA Suisse Academia, Industrie
Hartl, Florian Divisional HR Australie Academia, Industrie

Graduate in Business Informatics, Strategic position within an international company

Topoleanu, Tudor Sabin R&D Software Engineer Siemens AG Roumanie Academia, Industrie
Galmeanu, Honorius lecturer Transilvania University of Brasov Roumanie Academia, Industrie

* Kernels
* RensorFlow
* DeepLearning
* Statistical Inference

Cataron, Angel Transilvania University of Brasov Roumanie Academia, Industrie
Vögel, Hans-Jörg Manager AI, Cognitive Services and E/E Prototypes BMW Group Research Allemagne Industrie
Gratiot, Arshia Founder Industry Royaume-Uni Industrie

Representing start-up involvement in the design of regulatory enviornment

Turcea, Alexandru MD student; R&D engineer Transilvania University; * Corporation Roumanie Academia, Industrie
Wråli, Christian Student, Master in Knowledge Management Nord University Norvège Academia, Industrie
Khouas, Leila Research Engineer Bertin-It France Industrie
Quesada Real, Francisco José PhD Student University of Edinburgh Espagne Academia, Industrie
Cappuccio, Roberto CEO BVM S.r.L. Italie Academia, Industrie

Areas of interest:
-Machine Learning
-Quantum Computing
-Quantum Computing for Machine Learning

Bolioli, Andrea Research & Innovation Manager CELI – Language Technology Italie Academia, Industrie
Wang, Hilary Technical Trainer ABB Singapour Academia, Industrie
Nenkova-Aslan, Nadezhda Consultant Australie Industrie
Müller, Christian Head of Competence Center Autonomous Driving German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Höhn, Sviatlana Research associate (postdoc) University of Luxembourg Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre
Spindler, Christian CEO TrustIn.AI Suisse Industrie

TrustIn.AI develops products to enable interpretable, transparent and fair AI solutions for organizations. We are happy to become part of the CLAIRE initiative!

Fuentes Hitos, Dunai Espagne Industrie
Macias-Hernandez, Jose Juan Digital Program Manager CEPSA Espagne Academia, Industrie
Schluter, Natalie Associate Professor, Head of Data Science IT University of Copenhagen Danemarque Academia, Industrie
Stoy, Kasper Professor IT University of Copenhagen Danemarque Academia, Industrie
Johnson, Alexander Junior Adviser (Valuations) PwC Suède Academia, Industrie
Huijsmans, Maarten co-founder WebMonks Belgique Industrie
Baier, Patrick Senior Data Scientist Zalando SE Allemagne Industrie
Mañas, Oscar Graduate student / Computer Vision Engineer Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Espagne Academia, Industrie
Rupp, Jörg CEO DORUCON DR RUPP CONSULTING Gmbh Allemagne Industrie, Autre

network management, innovation management, consulting, project management,, networking, cluster management, subsidies, grants, subventions, horizon 2020, ki, hpc, security, industry, sme, small and mid size companies

Voormanns, Klaus VP Portfolio Management Bertelsmann / Arvato Allemagne Industrie

The ERCIS Omni-Channel Lab, at the University of Münster, is a partnership between ERCIS and Arvato CRM Solutions. The Lab combines the academic research and teaching activities of ERCIS and Arvato’s practical experience of delivering tech-enabled Omni-Channel CRM solutions from 110 global locations for many of the world’s best-known brands. Its areas of investigation focus around ‘Processes’, ‘Data’ and ‘Analytics’. The ERCIS network, is an international and inter-disciplinary network of universities and individual researchers in the field of Information Systems. Close collaboration with industry, in terms of an Advisory Board, ensures the practical relevance of ERCIS research and delivers inspiration for innovative research ideas. For more information, including publications, please go to

GASCON, ALBERTO Head of Advanced Analytics CEPSA Espagne Academia, Industrie
Rodríguez Parada, Héctor Software Engineer UNED Espagne Academia, Industrie
Marrow, Paul Researcher Developer – Data Science, Applied Maths Liverpool John Moores University Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Chartered IT Professional (UK)
Professional Member, ACM
Inventor, multiple patents pending (1 granted)
Involvement in AI from a biologically-inspired perspective

Gurel, Peretz Israël Industrie
belkhir, nacim Research scientist Safran France Academia, Industrie
Armbruster, Chris Director Data Science Retreat Allemagne Academia, Industrie

10,000 Data Scientists for Europe
Our mission is finding and empowering new talent as rapidly as possible: 10,000 Data Scientists and Machine Learners capable of designing and producing the data-driven products of the 21st century.

Daae-Qvale, Agathe Norvège Industrie
Mitchell, George COO / Dr. Realizeit Ltd Irlande Industrie
Winter, Robert CEO Elastisys AB Suède Industrie
Diaz-Aviles, Ernesto Co-Founder and CEO Libre AI Irlande Academia, Industrie
Katanguri, Prakash Lead Architect Merkle Inc États-Unis Industrie
Sjöberg, Per-Olov Chef of Online- and Development Department of Norrmejerier Dairy corporation Norrmejerier Dairy Suède Industrie, Autre

Norrmejerier head office and main produktion dairy facility is located in Swedens brand new testing area of 5G, the city of Umea. This will certainly be an opportunity for robotics in industry and society. I am quite concerned about ethics and practical use. My main experience lies in marketing and relevant systems, some front line. I prefer my LinkedIn as a contact way for peers, but have sadly no time for sellers I did not contact first.

Winter, Jos MSc Student Delft University of Technology Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Moreu, Enric Research Assistant Insight Centre of Data Analytics Espagne Industrie
dempsey, pat Strategic Projects Director nui galway Irlande Industrie
Auer-Welsbach, Chirstoph Founder City.AI, global applied AI network Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Gustavsson, Peter Senior Partner Elpis Partners Suède Industrie
Foy, Stephen Deep learning researcher and Valeo expert Valeo Irlande Industrie
De, Sagar Data Scientist Workday Irlande Industrie
Knop, Robert Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre

I’m looking for an education path in the field of AI. I did some online certificates at Udacity and Coursera already, but I would like to learn more (studies/research) and get things into practice (job/consulting).

Hanna, Mina Chair, IEEE-USA AI & Autonomous Systems Policy Committee, Co-Chair Policy Committee of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems IEEE-USA États-Unis Industrie
Kofránek, Jiří CEO, owner Creative Connections s.r.o. République Tchèque Academia, Industrie

We deal with the research and development of medical simulators and the creation of extensive computer models of the human organism (see and

We work closely with the academic sphere.

CEO and CreativeConnections s.r.o. owner, Jiří Kofránek, is an Associate Professor at the Czech Technical University and also of Charles University.

Jiří Kofránek is the head of the Laboratory of Biocybernetics, Institute of Pathological Physiology, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University. U Nemocnice 5, 128 53 Praha 2

Omlin, Christian Professor University of Agder Norvège Academia, Industrie
Åström, Joakim Artificial Intelligence Lead CGI Suède Academia, Industrie

Keynote speaker, about own experiences of applications of A.I. ( machine learning, deep learning) for industries such as manufacturing, space, utilities/energy, crime fighting/police. Works operative as an IT consultant: data scientist, solution architect

Jakob, Michal Head of AI for Transport and Mobility Czech Technical University in Prague République Tchèque Academia, Industrie
koopmans, hugo Cief Data Science DIKW Intelligence Pays-bas Industrie
Kun, David CEO Functional Finances Ltd Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Radosavljevik, Dejan Lead Data Scientist & Manager Data Science a.i. T-Mobile Netherlands Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Farkas, Richárd head of data science BlackSwanData and University of Szeged Hongrie Academia, Industrie

Home Page

Bozic, Bojan Research Fellow Dublin Institute of Technology Irlande Academia, Industrie
Rios, Andre Data Scientist Dublin Institute of Technology Irlande Academia, Industrie

AI expert

Vallejo, Marta Head of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning ClearSky Medical Diagnosis Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

MSc in Artificial Intelligence
PhD in Optimisation and Machine Learning
3 years of postgraduate experience at Heriot-Watt University
Working in the area of AI/Machine Learning/Data analysis focused on healthcare (Neurodegenerative diseases)
More than 15 publications in reputed journals and conferences

Olhofer, Markus Chief Scientist company Allemagne Industrie
Tidemann, Axel Senior research scientist Telenor Research Norvège Academia, Industrie
Koch, Christian Data Scientist CarDataBank Allemagne Academia, Industrie

At the Moment doing projects in cv centered around car images. Im currently interested in Reinforcement learning and possibilties of putting RL into production.

Sure-Vetter, York Professor Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Allemagne Academia, Industrie

– also Director at FZI Research Center for Information Technology
– former president of GESIS – Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences

Lewis, Colin Founder Pologne Academia, Industrie

By working closely with scientists and leading thinkers from multi-disciplines, the founders of the AGI Sentinel Initiative ( believe that we can help humanity to better understand intelligence. If human beings have a better understanding of intelligence, it will not only help to build artificial intelligent machines, but it will also help to improve individual’s situation awareness, decision making and values, and ultimately greatly improve people’s knowledge of each other and our world, and thereby improve the quality of life for society overall.

Elezi, Ismail PhD Student of Deep Learning 1991 Italie Academia, Industrie

I am a PhD Student of Deep Learning at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, while currently I am a visiting scholar at ZHAW University at Switzerland.

Srinivasan, Gokul Krishna Chief Technology Officer Startup Finlande Academia, Industrie, Autre

Expert in autonomous vehicles – aerial and ground vehicles.
Strong expertise in multi agent systems.
Leading a team of experts to create AI that will one day have intuition and common sense.

van Dongen, Jos Principal Consultant SAS Pays-bas Industrie
Rodosthenous, Christos IT Officer and Phd Candidate at Computational Cognition Lab Open University of Cyprus Chypre Academia, Industrie

Christos Rodosthenous is a Ph.D. candidate at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition and reasoning, Story Understanding, Crowdsourcing, eLearning and new technologies and Trends in distance education.

Currently, he works at the eLearning and Digital Content Management Sector at the Open University of Cyprus. He is involved in numerous National and European projects involving eLearning technologies, distance education, Web Portals, Digital repositories, Open Access and Open Data initiatives.

He is an advocate of Free and Open source software and actively participates in many actions for promoting its usage in the public sector.

Stalder, Melanie Engineer company Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Gencoglu, Oguzhan Head of AI Top Data Science Finlande Academia, Industrie
Ziebart, Volker Dr. Zurich University of Applied Sciences Suisse Academia, Industrie
Isoaho, Pauli CTO Arctic Robotics Oy Finlande Industrie
B, Tiru Machine Learning Engineer Enterprisebot Pvt Ltd Inde Industrie

I am self taught ML engineer, Have good understanding in ML, DL and NLP areas. Interested to explores new research areas and ready to collaborate in research.

Yenicelik, David CEO The AI Company LLC Suisse Academia, Industrie

Areas of interest include high dimensional optimisation, bayesian optimisation and neural architecture search.

Pascu, Sorin CEO Appstam Consulting GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Lechner, Werner BMW Group Allemagne Industrie
Freundlieb, Michael Director Data Intelligence Arvato SCM Solutions Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Gricius, Gabriella Assistant Analyst The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Moreno, Ana Computational Linguist Bitext Innovations S.L. Espagne Academia, Industrie
Jensen, Rune Møller Associate Professor IT University of Copenhagen Danemarque Academia, Industrie
Torossian, Bianca Assistant Analyst The Hague Center of Strategic Studies Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Vella, Godfrey Chair NCFHE Malte Academia, Industrie
Hofmann, Dirk Co-Founder, CEO DAIN Studios Allemagne Industrie
Acs, Ferenc Subject Matter Expert: Artificial Intelligence Mercedes-Benz Consulting GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Baus, Jörg Senior Reseacher German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Schuster, Jasmin AI & Innovation Project Manager Mercedes-Benz Consulting Allemagne Industrie
Soares, Antonio Portugal Academia, Industrie
Krishnamurthy, Sri President QuSandbox États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Soria-Frisch, Aureli Director of Neuroscience Starlab barcelona Espagne Industrie
Hanisch, Thorsten Senior Vice President Arvato CRM Solutions Allemagne Industrie
Hansen, Nikolaus Research director Inria France Academia, Industrie
Rodriguez Fernández, Jose Marcos CTO and Head of AI MeliorAI Espagne Academia, Industrie

MSc in Computer Science and MSc in Artificial Intelligence.

Worked in AI research for natural language understanding for various different private companies where I co-authored research publications. I am also the inventor of several patents for AI-based language understanding technology.

I have a special interest in bio-inspired algorithms and reinforcement-learning.

Duarte, Monique COO Melior AI Royaume-Uni Industrie
Keluro, Caesar Co-Founder Nanocentric Technologies Nigeria Industrie
Siebert, Mark Director engagement programs Elsevier Pays-bas Industrie

Writing a report on dynamics of global AI research and the definition of AI.

Lowndes, Alison B AI DevRel | EMEA NVIDIA Royaume-Uni Industrie
Molan, Gregor Head of Research Comtrade Slovénie Industrie

AI expert; SLAIS member

Joscelyne, Andrew advisor LT-Innovate France Industrie
voight, randall Research Analyst Intl Research & Evaluation LLC. États-Unis Academia, Industrie

Quantum cryptography.

Foschini, Luca Chief data scientist Evidation health Italie Industrie
Lowry, Mathew Founder Belgique Industrie


Guttmann, Christian Vice President; Professor (Adj. Assoc.) Tieto; University of New South Wales Suède Academia, Industrie

We are the Nordic Leading AI company. I am overlooking all AI strategic and executive activities at Tieto – top 100 IT company (according to reuters). 15000 global employees.

Kumluk, Semih Data Scientist & Human Resources Manager Turkcell Turquie Academia, Industrie

I have a diverse academic and business background. I also a Data Scientist in my company. Trying to combine my expertise and AI knowledge to widen the applications of AI as much as possible.

Canak, Caner Artificial intelligence manager Turkcell telecom company Turquie Industrie

As Turkcell, we are leader operator in Turkey and we develop different kind of AI solutions. If we do together something unique, we would like to give all kind of support

Morelli, Davide CTO BioBeats Group LTD Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

I’m a researcher and entrepreneur. My startup focuses on building AI models for analysis and prediction of physiological and psychological stress. I have a PhD in Computer Science (Pisa) and currently pursuing a DPhil in Engineering Sciences (Oxford)

Hiemstra, Bas Portfolio Solution Designer Automated Interactions Arvato CRM Solutions Pays-bas Industrie

The key to successful customer service automation is understanding, channeling and contextually serving your customers, aided by best of breed AI. For almost 20 years I help organizations create better online experiences by implementing relevant customer support, e-commerce and self-service solutions.

Goldstaub, Tabitha co founder cognitionx Royaume-Uni Industrie
Alam, Muddasser Chief Scientist Wondrwall Group of Companies Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Pedramparsi, Hilla CEO Silicon Syrup Limited Royaume-Uni Industrie

I have been leading ML teams at Yahoo and recently at Gamesys in London. I have the passion for AI and especially in the area of CNN.

van der Smagt, Patrick Director of AI Research Volkswagen Group Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Umre, Ashish Head of Artificial Intelligence AXA XL Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Academic research background through a Bachelors in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering, Masters and Doctoral research work in Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Sociobiology.

Lilleby, Ian Co-Founder, CTO, CISO Infinite Alpha Royaume-Uni Industrie

Passionate about pushing the boundaries of AI, model optimisation, reducing training times and improving accuracy in multi-model AI approaches. Contributing to scalability of AI infrastructures.

Fellowships include Chartered Management Institute and British Computer Society. Recently won the Wealth & Finance International award for Innovation in AI and Blockchain.

Kloeckner, Kristof Honorary Professor University of Stuttgart Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Retired CTO of IBM Global Technology Services, Honorary Professor at the University of Stuttgart, experience in applying AI to IT Service Management

Fazio, Tommaso Data Scientist HUBX Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Chintala, Sandeep Managing Director Impressive Applications Royaume-Uni Industrie
Di Rosa, Emanuele Chief Technology Officer App2Check Italie Industrie

Dr. Di Rosa is currently Chief Technology Officer at App2Check, company dedicated to design and develop AI & NLP based software products, having as applications Customer Experience Analytics and Chatbots. He has a strong background in Artificial Intelligence, on both the Symbolic approaches to AI, more specifically in Automated Reasoning on which he wrote his PhD thesis, and on the ones based to Machine Learning and sub-symbolic representations. He is co-author of 18 scientific papers published by international peer-reviewed international journals/conferences/workshops/doctoral consortiums. Recently, he is more focused on Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification and Machine Learning. Recently, in this latter field, he was speaker at the 2017 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York, in the board of the ESWC-17 Challenge on Semantic Sentiment Analysis and won the irony detection task at Evalita SentiPolc 2016. He was speaker and reviewer in many international conferences and workshops. He works since 2004 on chatbot design and development and was awarded in 2005 by Confindustria Liguria for his chatbot project involving the use of Latent Semantic Analysis for man-machine dialogue. He has a strong interest in building connections between academy and industry, believing that a strong synergy can lead to an important positive impact in both worlds.

Zoghbi, Susana Founder & CEO Belgique Industrie
Kornai, Andras Professor Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hongrie Academia, Industrie


Carpenter, Nigel Chief Data Scientist RSA Insurance Royaume-Uni Industrie

Expert in the application of Machine Learning within General Insurance.

Interested in the application of AI to Insurance and Actuarial domains.

Carrozo, Matthew Director of Communications Unbabel Portugal Industrie
Barreto, Guilherme AE Unbabel Portugal Industrie

Loureiro Solleiro, Alexandre Product Manager Unbabel Portugal Industrie
Wolff, Gerry Director Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

See « Introduction to the SP Theory of Intelligence » (PDF,

Mannens, Erik Research Valorisation Director imec – Ghent University – IDLab Belgique Academia, Industrie

Fusion of Semantics & ML

Shakurov, El Partner DataRoot Labs Ukraine Industrie
Schauerte, Boris Product Manager Autonomous Driving & Principal Machine Learning Expert BMW Allemagne Industrie
Arpteg, Anders Principal Data Scientist Peltarion AB Suède Academia, Industrie

AI researcher that has been working with AI for 20 years both in academia and industry with a PhD from Linköping University. Worked at Spotify for many years making use of big data and machine learning techniques to optimize user experience. Now working with the latest and greatest AI techniques at Peltarion as Principal Data Scientist, where we have the ambitious goal of making deep learning and the latest AI techniques available for all, not just the large technology organizations. Also founder of Agent Central AB, AI adviser for the Swedish government, member of the European AI Alliance, founder of the Machine Learning Stockholm meetup group, and member of several advisory boards.

Azzano, Massimo Head space physics Germany Airbus Allemagne Industrie

Alte Uhldinger Str.5B

Pohlmann, Camila Community Lead Unbabel Portugal Industrie
Dhaene, Tom Full Professor Ghent University – IMEC Belgique Academia, Industrie

Torok, Agoston Lead Data Scientist AGT International Hongrie Academia, Industrie
Jaokar, Ajit Course director – University of Oxford – Data Science for IoT course University of Oxford – Data Science for IoT course Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

In addition to my work in AI and IoT, I am also associated with UPM(University of Madrid) and the Harvard Kennedy school for future of AI. My current research work in AI relates to Affective Computing. I have a Bachelors in Engineering(Uni Bombay); Masters in Information systems(Uni Salford); PhD(ongoing – TBC 2019) in AI with Uni Madrid

Richter, Andreas President Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Huddleston, Martin Head of Cyber APMG International Ltd Royaume-Uni Industrie, Autre
Torres, Abel Founder DATAVERAS Belgique Industrie
Lenz, Nicolas Member of the management geo7 AG Suisse Industrie
Adrian, Benjamin Dr. Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Musiol, Martin Senior/ Lead Data Scientist TU Munich, frog design, IBM Allemagne Industrie
Goltz, Sean Senior Lecturer Edith Cowan University Australier Academia, Industrie
Berthold, Michael CEO KNIME AG Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Fellow IEEE
Past President IEEE-SMC
Past President NAFIPS

BLANCHARD, Philippe CEO Futurous SA Émirats Arabes Unis Industrie

Over the last 10 years, a team of experts from the Olympic Movement and the mega-events industry has followed the rise of e-games and new sports and investigated how technology impacts the future of sports, competitions and disciplines. A revolution is under way and the whole ecosystem is changing: new stakeholders, new business model, new expectations from the spectators and the competitors.

The time has come to master these disruptions and technology-based innovation in order to align completely with the ways sport and international competitions are promoted, played, sold and consumed.

FIFA is the international governing body for football, the International Olympic Committee for the Olympics. We set Futurous, the international committee of innovation. This new Committee provides a unique standpoint to influence and to develop the events of the Future… bringing business, entertainment and education opportunities.

Futurous takes the responsibility of
1. Staging a global event, which will be held every odd year, in different countries and territories;
2. Engaging with sponsors, social media, broadcasters, sport and gaming entities and venture capitalists to syndicate both the financing and the resources and to promote innovation;
3. Setting and operating a comprehensive technology platform, to support the outreach, the communication and the operations of the global event,
4. Creating a global database to increase the stakeholders’ experience and return on investments.

It also stimulated our willingness to Inspire, Invent, Include, Improve & Impact. Bringing education programmes, TEDx talks and hackathons, onto the field of play between each session of the competitions.

Observing and understanding the growing hunger for data and information, simply delivered everywhere on earth to everyone on-line, we deliberately designed the complete package: inclusive sports, education and a high degree of entertainment and ‘fun’. Fans and spectators wanted “an experience”, we wanted to bring ‘education and food for thought’.

Futurous articulate the competitions in 5 Galaxies articulated around disrupting technologies:
1. IT, AI, IoT: eSports
2. Mobility technologies: drones, sustainable vehicles, autonomy
3. Haptics, sensors and mechanics : Robotics and Exoskeleton
4. AI, VR: Virtual and Mixed realities environments
5. Sports 2.0 : Classical sports revisited through technology and innovation (Artificial wave Surfing, kinetic wall climbing, wind tunnel dancing, …)

poppe, toon Prof drs, ceo, venture capitalist KuLeuven, Uni of Illinois, Univ des Saarlandes Belgique Academia, Industrie

Pioneer in wireless, online preventive heart monitoring.
According to IPO of the Hague our patent of the ultimate health app is unique worldwide and is based on a multi layered structure of learning algorithms in an artificial neural network for monitoring your EHR data and alarming in case of reaching predefined tunnel values.

Mitchell, Mike Chief Product Officer Agorai États-Unis Industrie
Kennedy, Catriona Independent researcher Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Waltinger, Ulli Co-Head Siemens AI Lab / Head of Machine Intelligence Research Group Siemens AG – Corporate Technology Allemagne Industrie
raspati, marco CEO Company Italie Academia, Industrie
Wykowska, Grazyna Knowledge Manager Hamburg Port Authority Pologne Academia, Industrie
García-Cuesta, Esteban Associate Professor Universidad Europea de Madrid Espagne Academia, Industrie

More than 15 years at AI área
Interested in cognitive AI, pattern recognition, and Ethics in AI

Joy-Warren, Victoria Software Engineer Canada Industrie
Sarmonikas, George Head of IoT Analytics & AI company Suède Industrie
Stankovic, Milan Sépage & Sorbonne, Paris France Academia, Industrie
Eickhoff, Jens Future Programs Uni Stuttgart and Airbus Defence and Space Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Aerospace Engineer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
PhD TU Hamburg Harburg, Germany:
AI Based Process Control and Failure Detection
Job: Airbus Defence and Space, Future Programs, Friedrichshafen, Germany,
Honorary Professor Universität Stuttgart for Satellite Systems Engineering and Operations,
Aere of interest: Satellite On-Board/On-Ground AI based Image Processing

Manaila, Florin Cognitive Systems Architect IBM Allemagne Industrie
Fitze, Andy CO-Founder – Managing Partner SwissCognitive Suisse Industrie, Autre

AI Influencer | Top Digital Leader | Co-Founder SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub | CIO CDO | Keynote Speaker | CIO of Year | Skipper

Papanikolaou, Panos Digital Media Manager Company Grèce Industrie
Svensson, Conny Head of Digital Tranformation and AI CGI Suède Academia, Industrie
Wood, Patrick Owner iRaishrimp S.L. Espagne Industrie, Autre

Domestication of vannamei shrimp. Since 1983.
First pure aquaculture play on US stock markets.
With USFDA development of NASA technology for seafood.
Looking to robotize Steamans service and implement AI front-of-house directly for end consumers at brand concept popup shrimptailbar

Midwinter, Phill Technology Director Home Royaume-Uni Industrie

Home Marketing Ltd
Beechwood House, Beechwoods Estate, Elmete Lane

Lopez, Jose Estudio Objeto Espagne Academia, Industrie
Polfliet, Jos VP of Applied AI Belgique Industrie

Jos is the VP of Applied AI at Faktion, an AI engineering company that works for some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. Originally a mathematician, he has lead Machine Learning and AI implementation all over the world. Over the last years, Jos lead the team that was responsible for developing the NLP models that power, the most popular enterprise-ready chatbot platform in Europe.

Besides chatbots, Jos has created NLP models for companies like Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and has developed Pearl, the first AI Jury Member in the world. Jos was also responsible for the team that won first place in the Data Impact Award for their work on predicting suicide risk from analyzing social media data of teenagers, and the team that won the inQbet Hackathon by creating an AI Lab assistant for P&G.

Voted Best Keynote award on Data Innovation Summit 2017, regular speaker at Machine Learning/AI conferences including ML Conference Munich, AI Congress London, AI Norway, AI4Business summit, Chatbot Summit Berlin, Big Data Toronto, NTBC, ETIS, Data Innovation Summit, Luxembourg Analytics Summit, Screenforce Day 2018 Helsinki, SAS Global Forum, SAS Benelux Forum, meetups and guest lectures at University of Waterloo, University of Ghent, VUB, ULB, Schulich business school, …

Kalfas, Ioannis PhD Researcher KU Leuven Belgique Academia, Industrie
Verhoeven Zupanc, Kaja NLP Engineer Chatlayer Belgique Academia, Industrie
Maertens, Filip Business Development Faktion Belgique Industrie
Jacquemart, Delphine Business Development Associate company Belgique Industrie
Moelker, Peter Software engineer Pays-bas Industrie
van Gastel, Pieterjan Software Developer Festa Solutions B.V. Pays-bas Industrie
Fábregas, Xavier Dr. Suisse Academia, Industrie
Ahmed, Sheraz Senior Researcher German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Oberrauch, Tobias CTO ai-driven Business Allemagne Industrie
Meij, Staffan Co-Founder, CCO Readspeaker Pays-bas Industrie
Rocchi, Laura Research & Innovation Manager NIER Ingegneria Italie Industrie
Paes, Paulo Technology Advisor Daytwo AS Norvège Industrie
Fricker, Samuel Prof. Dr. FHNW Suisse Academia, Industrie

Bonseyes marketplace for artificial intelligence

Köhne, Frank R&D viadee Unternehmensberatung AG Allemagne Industrie
Landi, Marco President The Digital Box Italie Industrie

former President WW Apple Computer

Raaijmakers, Stephan Senior scientist TNO, The Netherlands Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Natural language processing; deep learning; explainable AI.

Shaw, Paul Senior Technical Staff Member IBM France Industrie
Laborie, Philippe Principal Scientist IBM France Industrie

Areas of expertise: Planning, Scheduling, Temporal reasoning, Constraint Programming

Dumeur, Renaud Principal Architect IBM France Academia, Industrie
Smeulders, Arnold professor University of Amsterdam Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Member of AINED, for the national AI-agenda
Member of Academia Europea

Pietsch, Malte Co-Founder deepset GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Liaqat, Abdul Rehman Student University of Hildesheim Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Möller, Timo co-founder deepset Allemagne Academia, Industrie
de Meer, Jan B. Head of AIT Department GmbH ℅ HTW Berlin Allemagne Academia, Industrie

since 2003: Theoretical Computer Science Teaching at several Universities A.S. in Berlin and Brandenburg and head of AIT Simulation Department of GmbH.
Before, leading scientist in: Leibniz Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Fraunhofer Association Institute FOKUS, Helmholtz Association of Nuclear Research

Axenie, Dr. Cristian Head of AKII Microlab – AI and VR Audi Konfuzius-Institut Ingolstadt Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Current positions:

– Head of AKII Microlab (Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality) at the AUDI Konfuzius Institute Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt, Germany

– Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Technical University of Ingolstadt, Germany

– Senior Research Engineer in Online Machine Learning and Big Data, Huawei European Research Center, Munich, Germany


– Awarded a Bavarian Elite Research PhD Scholarship (4 years funding, ~120.000EUR) by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts.
– Awarded a Leonhard Lorenz-Stiftung Fellowship (7000EUR) for novel ideas in neurotechnologies research.
– Awarded Research Fellowship (2500EUR) by the Science Network of Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems for leading a workgroup at the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop, USA.
– Awarded Research Fellowship (2500EUR) by the Science Network of Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems for leading a workgroup at the CapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Italy.
– Awarded a BayIntAn Fellowship (10000EUR) by the Bavarian Research Alliance for establishing a cooperation on neurorobotics with University of Waterloo, Canada and the University of Manchester, UK.
– Awarded a BayIntAn Fellowship (5000 EUR) by the Bavarian Research Alliance for establishing a cooperation on the development of a platform for Neuromorphic sensorimotor adaptation with ETH Zurich and University of California, Irvine.

KALAYCI, Tahir Emre Senior Researcher Virtual Vehicle Research Center Australie Academia, Industrie
Scharkowski, Oliver Ingenieur Auto-Kabel Management GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Fraile, Marlon IT Security Consultant AITRISK Limited Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Allgöwer, Dr. Michael Management Consultant Data Science b.telligent Allemagne Industrie
Trost, Markus Partner Odgers Berndtson Group Allemagne Industrie
Saucedo, Alejandro Chief Scientist The Institute for Ethical AI &Machine Learning Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Hopfgartner, Andreas Senior Consultant Data Science b.telligent Allemagne Industrie
Herzfeldt, Sebastian Manager Reply AG Allemagne Industrie
Tamburri, Damian A. Associate Professor TU/e – JADS Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Petry, Sebastian Director Competence Center Data Science and AI b.telligent GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Luksenburg, Bas Pays-bas Industrie

A lot of direct industry colleagues in AI

Nurmi, Olli Principal Scientist VTT Finlande Industrie

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications

Sacramento, Paulo Project Manager ESA/ESRIN Portugal Industrie
Aparício, Sara Earth Observation Data Scientist ESA Portugal Academia, Industrie
Schneider, Markus Senior Software Developer Vector Informatik Allemagne Industrie
Schlicker, Wolfgang Co-Founder and CEO IET GmbH & Co.KG Allemagne Industrie

Model based testing

Dubba, Krishna Senior Research Scientist Blueprism Royaume-Uni Industrie
Lang, Maren Head of Bioinformatics R&D BioNTech Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Uskaner, Hakan CEO Offlimits IT Services GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Tochi, Medina Macédoine Industrie
Wender, Jan Head of Presales Atos science+computing ag Allemagne Industrie
CZAJKOWSKI, Francois IT Business Partner arvato France Industrie
Choukri, khalid CEP ELRA/ELDA France Industrie


Mengshoel, Ole Jakob Professor NTNU Norvège Academia, Industrie, Autre

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, NTNU
Head, Norwegian Open AI Lab, NTNU
Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, CMU

Tunanyan, Hazarapet Data Scientist Picsart Arménie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Di Persio, Luca Dept. Comp.Science UniVr – HPA Italie Academia, Industrie

I am working as a professor of Probability within the College of Mathematics of the University of Verona (Department of Computer Sience) and I am one of the co-funder and the chief-scientist of HPA (High Performance Analytics), a company (and an official spinoff of the University of Verona) focused on forecasting models development.

Escuela, Gabi Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Saarela, Mirka Postdoctoral Research Fellow University Finlande Academia, Industrie
Asghar, Muhammad Zeeshan Postdoctoral Researcher University of Jyväskylä Finlande Academia, Industrie

5G, Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Network management,
Awarded half a million euro funding from BusinessFinland for TUTL project on 5G Cognitive Self-organizing Networks

Sanfilippo, Emilio Research fellow Italian National Research Council Italie Industrie
Nouwt, Barry Medior Innovator Semantic Technology the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Van Opbroek, Annegreet Researcher TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Stolk, Martin Project manager TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Blake, Andrew AI Consultant, Hon. Professor U. Cambridge AI consultant: Samsung, Five AI, Siemens Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Also a signatory to ELLIS.
I like the idea of a unified approach between ELLIS and CLAIRE.

Maroni, Gabriele Università degli studi di Bergamo Italie Academia, Industrie
Belotti, Pietro Software Engineer Fair Isaac Royaume-Uni Industrie
Bouvy, Charlotte consultant self-employed professional Pays-bas Industrie

MSc. in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, professional with senior experience in Artifical Intelligence, specialised in explicit knowledge representation, Business Rule Management, business architecture and eXplainable AI

Prestwich, Steven Dr University College Cork Irlande Academia, Industrie

My main AI areas of research are SAT, constraint programming, evolutionary computation, reinforcement learning, deep learning.

Everardo, Flavio PhD Student University of Potsdam Mexique Academia, Industrie, Autre
Federico, Marcello Principal Research Scientist Amazon AI États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Cochez, Michael Postdoctoral researcher Fraunhofer FIT Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Wijnhof, Rik Project manager in transparancy Province of Zuid-Holland Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Area of interest/expertise: Open data, transparancy, public administration.

Marsh, Ian Senior Researcher RISE, The Research Institutes of Sweden Suède Academia, Industrie, Autre

Ian Marsh, Ph.D. working within telecommunications and traffic flow.

Ian has worked with deep neural networks, in particular LSTMs for traffic flow and clustering algorithms for IP traffic.

Olsson, Fredrik Senior research scientist RISE SICS Suède Academia, Industrie
Sahlgren, Magnus Head of Natural Language Processing RISE AI Suède Academia, Industrie
Wong, Moses CEO Siremix GmbH Allemagne Industrie

I am an entrepreneur, inventor of an innovative new sound theory called Endpoint Mixing. Deep Learning practitioner, and teaching assistance of a Stanford University online Machine Learning training course, instructor is Prof. Andrew Ng

Andreev, Igor Cfo coo Pg Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre
Sies, Tilmann Consultant 1989 Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Kop, Mauritz Master of Laws, LL.M. Artificiële Intelligentie & Recht Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Artificiële Intelligentie & Recht is a niche law firm focussing on technological game changers such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotica, Big Data, VR, Nano-Engineering and Cognitive Computing.

Our lawyers specialize in the Farmaceutical, eHealth, Food & Feed, Media, Entertainment & Art industries, providing proactive lawyering services covering issues like algorithmic accountability, AI Impact Assesments, fundamental rights, privacy requirements for the GDPR in big data, multi-cloud, distributed ledger and deep learning implementations, product safety standards, traceability, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and maximization of intellectual property portfolio for both tech startups and globally operating multinationals.

We are based in Amsterdam. Our website:

We wish to exchange views on legal and ethical frameworks for AI, smart robotics and Internet of Things devices, with a focus on medtech, European foodlaw, entertainmentlaw and intellectual property.

Karampidis, Konstantinos PhD student University of the Aegean Grèce Academia, Industrie

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Digital Forensics

Amiri, Puya Researcher Saarland university, DFKI Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Fiorini, Paolo Professor Univerity of Verona Italie Academia, Industrie
Pescape, Antonio Full Professor University of Napoli Federico II Italie Academia, Industrie
Lilienthal, Achim J. Professor Örebro University Suède Academia, Industrie
ElFallah, Amal Full professor and head of MAS group Sorbonne Université France Academia, Industrie
Wolf, Thomas Innovation Manager WABCO GmbH Allemagne Industrie

Research for industrial AI solutions
Automated driving
Sensor fusion projects

Landgrebe, JobstDr. Managing Director Cognotekt GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Yu, Zhewei Research project leader SupAirVision France Industrie
Chauvin, Simon Machine Learning Engineer ESRLabs AG Allemagne Academia, Industrie

area of interest/expertise : reinforcement learning applied to autonomous driving

Koch, Alexander Student Technical University Munich Allemagne Industrie
Polimeni, Francesco Italie Industrie, Autre

1. Cross research on Deep Learning and Symbolic/Logical/Causal Reasoning (i.e. Intuition Driven Reasoning), to achieve human level AI
2. Bridge the Gap between the research on AI and the Business

Sonntag, Daniel Principal Researcher DFKI Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Thiele, Christopher Data Scientist German Economic Institute Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Snoek, Cees Full professor University of Amsterdam Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Requena, Stephane CTO GENCI France Academia, Industrie

GENCI is providing in France of a converged HPC / AI research infrastructure for the scaling of AI workflows and tools, the closer integration between HPC, numerical simulation, HPDA and AI

Bryson, Joanna Reader (Assoc Prof) University of Bath Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Actively engaged in both direct research on developing AI, using AI for scientific understanding, developing policy and regulation for AI and AI ethics.

Nucci, Francesco Saverio Application Research Director Engineering SpA Italie Industrie, Autre

High Level Expert on IA for Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Font Ruiz, Roberto Javier Biometric Vox S.L. Espagne Industrie
Daoutis, Marios Research Scientist N/A Suède Academia, Industrie
congedo, marco Senior Researcher CNRS, University Grenoble Alpes France Academia, Industrie

Expert in Riemannian Geometry Machine Learning for Brain-Computer Interface

Spaccarotella, Simone Senior Software Engineer BBC Italie Academia, Industrie

I graduated at the Università della Calabria majoring in Answer Set Programming. I am currently working at the BBC as a Senior Software Engineer. I have a keen interest in AI and I’d like to be involved.

Iacono, Andrea Software Engineer eBay Italie Industrie
Ninni, Giorgio electrical engineer TIM – Telecom Italia Italie Industrie, Autre
Izzo, Dario Scientific Coordinator of the Advanced Concepts Team European Space Agency Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Gamulin, Niko University of Ljubljana Slovénie Academia, Industrie
Moroi, Alexandru Programmer Java developer with intrest in AI Italie Industrie, Autre

Have been intrested for a while in the deep learning and Now it can be used to solve real world problems. I got a year of experience in basic Java with js ws ajax json and sql. It helpped to get started into programmer frame. I have used tesorflow on my own time . I would like the opportunity to learn or help in any way.

Scano, Riccardo Information Systems Technician CREA Italie Academia, Industrie

Computer Science
Semantic web
Programming Languages

Marano, Silvestro Software Architect IACV Research Italie Academia, Industrie, Autre

Graduated at University Of Calabria (UNICAL) in Computer Engineering with a master’s degree thesis aimed on the realization of a deep learning based computer vision system to detect threats in video surveillance scenarios and many years of expertise in tech industry as software engineer with various projects in mobile computing and algorithmic trading fields. I have also published IAT a computer vision mobile App developed synergically with some members of Eyes-Free a web community of people with visual impairments, to meet also their needs.

Rodríguez, Abdel Consultant (Senior Software Engineer) Addiva AB Suède Academia, Industrie

PhD on Intelligent Control applied to industrial applications. Currently interested on real life applications of AI.

Aarts, Antoine CEO Nederland AI Pays-bas Industrie

Soon we will release (mid feb) for midsize companies with AI Demo, App’s and lot’s of information.

Belotti, Pietro Fair Isaac Royaume-Uni Industrie
Kraemer, Stefan Director NVIDIA Allemagne Industrie, Autre
MESCHEDE, Matthias Data Scientist Tweag I/O France Academia, Industrie
Müller-Klieser, Stefan Software Engineer PHYTEC Allemagne Industrie

embedded Linux expert, focusing on software and hardware ground work for AI products

Grandison, Tyrone VP, Data ByteCubed États-Unis Academia, Industrie
Pfeffer, Bernhard Head of Software Engineering b-plus GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Billi, Enrico Consultant Billi Enrico Consulting Italie Industrie, Autre
touati, mohamed étudiant/ chercheur ENIT Tunisie Academia, Industrie
Nasyrov, Dmytro Founder & CTO Pharos Production Inc. États-Unis Academia, Industrie, Autre

Pharos Production Inc. is a software development company established in July 2013 in Las Vegas, NV and with 2 development teams in Kyiv, Ukraine and Vilnius, Lithuania. Our specializations are Blockchain and High-Load FinTech systems.

We are proud of developing edge technological custom solutions and components that meet our client’s needs. We also create our own high-performance components that are used for solving common tasks and help to save our client’s time and budget. Having the best engineers in different areas on board, our team provides all development services in one place. Design, Planning a software Architecture, Business Analysis and business models development, including database and local stores cache queries optimization, building user interfaces using all our knowledge in ergonomics and user experience, building high-load, blazingly fast web applications and APIs to support mobile solutions and reactive web browser front end, quality assurance and support staff in one company.

Our team is made up of the brightest and most dedicated Elixir and Erlang, Scala, Blockchain, Solidity, web, and mobile – iOS and Android – developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. Our development efforts resulted in more than 30 mobile and web solutions – KYC on Blockchain, micro-loans credits network, social networking apps, e-commerce, news boards, other different business, and entertainment mobile applications.

Hook, Stefan Portfoliomanager AI Allemagne Industrie
Ferreira, Luís Professor Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) Portugal Industrie

Main background in Mathematics and Computer Sciences; Is a research member of IPCA 2Ai – Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, heads the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and teaches subjects of Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Architectures in the Hight School of Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of Cavado (IPCA). Architectures and Systems Integration, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization are his main research areas.

GRAND-PERRET, sylvie Air Traffic Management Senior Expert EUROCONTROL Belgique Industrie, Autre
Roa, Maximo A. Team Leader DLR – German Aerospace Center Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Senior Robotics Expert, leading a group of researchers working on « Dexterous Manipulation and Planning ». Academic and industrial experience in different robotics areas (mechatronic development, planning and control) on multiple applications (industrial, service and humanoid robots). Experience in transferring knowledge and solving use cases in industrial companies.

Luque, Maria President Nexus Espagne Industrie
Einarsson, Hafsteinn Data scientist Íslandsbanki Islande Academia, Industrie
Apfelbeck, Florian Software Engineer Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Gyimóthy, Tibor head MTA-SZTE Research Group on Artificial Intelligence Hongrie Academia, Industrie
Ullrich, Carsten Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Valentin, Klaus Expert Advisor Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Australie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Rakhshani, Amin Senior Data Scientist METIS Cybertechnology Grèce Academia, Industrie
Downar, Mateusz Advanced Analytics/Data Science Director MediaCom Pologne Industrie
Stein, Jascha CEO Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre

StartUp mit 2 ehemalig leitenden Entwicklern von Amazon Alexa. BMBF und Horizont2020 gefördert. Seal of excelence. Kunden und Partner wie Telekom und Volkswagen. Eigene Technologien in:
Spracherkennung, Sprachbiometrie, Sprachklassifikation, Natural Language Processing/Understanding

Radil, Tomáš Head of Applied Research Dept. CertiCon a.s. République Tchèque Academia, Industrie
Lazaro, JoseMaria PROJECT MANAGER TECNALIA Espagne Academia, Industrie

Areas of interest: Applications of AI (industry, service sector, mining, construction, etc.), planning/scheduling, machine learning. Possible colaboration in international projects (TECNALIA).

Sojkowska, Anna IOS Press Pays-bas Industrie
Heck, Sven Oliver Visionary, Consultant Allemagne Industrie

I am a degree digital artist with 12+ years in media, advertising and digital-domains, I am consultant for consciousness development, integral leadership and therapist in transpersonal psychology. I have founded / digital philosophy and UltraVision Consulting for holistic consciousness development. I am a speaker, consultant, training supervisor for topics ranging from Digital Leadership, Next-Level-Thinking and Future Mind-Sets to the Mastery of Life, personal transformation and essentials of holistic living. As a licensed healing practitioner, Integral Associate Coach, transpersonal therapist, and mentor I support bright minds, future leaders, conscious creators and entrepreneurs on their journey towards potential and realization.

Langenkamp, Wouter Researcher TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Fabiano, Gaetano Big Data Software Developer Engineering S.p.a. Italie Industrie
Hoche, Michael Expert for Computer Science and IPR Airbus Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Saviane, Christian CTO Walkstone Srl Italie Industrie, Autre
Kuthy, Antal Ceo Egroup ICT Software Co. Hongrie Industrie

Egroup is being member in both EIT Digital and EIT Health ( having over 25 years in advanced software tech (founder from early 90s in NLP) running several applied AI industry projects in Fintech, Healtcare (key project is health DataLake
Egroup also working on next gen ai, reasoning type of ai, in coop with Russian, Chinese, us and EU scientist. Egroup has Central European roots but active in Hk,China and Eu, while links to US partnerships as well.

Aretoulaki, Maria Director / Senior Voice User Interface Designer DialogCONNECTION Ltd Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Kisjes, Iris Senior Manager External Partnerships Elsevier Pays-bas Industrie

Dear Sir / Madam,
At Elsevier I am responsible for our technology partnerships and managing our tech hubs. As such I am very much involved in our participation in the AI community. I personally also have a keen interest in securing a positive and bright future in technology which of course means making sure we augment human intelligence through AI, build a robust ecosystem that can be trusted and is fair and transparent.
We have done research into AI and what AI actually means by looking at research in the subject. The report shows research related trends for China, EU and the USA. Including mobility of researchers. I think this type of information can help this group.
With kind regards, Iris

La Pietra, Giancarlo Founder Italie Industrie
Rubichi, Sergio CISM, CISA ISACA Italie Industrie, Autre

Control and audit of information systems is becoming increasingly important, due to the competitive impact of information technology, the amount of resources expended by IT departments, the criticality of IS for the general functioning of our society and the corroboration of information as the organization’s most valuable asset. Information Systems – and the technology that supports them – must be audited in order to improve their benefits and allow organizations to manage the risks associated with them.
According to this statement, a good knowledge and experience concerning Information Systems process and Security matters – as well as a through passion for communication and control in the machines and human beings – took me to participate in this call for supporters.

Petropoulos, Christos Pays-bas Industrie
Tantar, Emilia Luxembourg Industrie

Doctorat en Informatique, Intelligence Artificielle
Bourse Marie-Curie AFR
vice-Chair, a founding member and a promoter of the IEEE Student Branch Lille
Healthcare Startup of the Year Award
Luxembourg Healthcare Awards
Marie Curie- AFR Fellowship
European Commission under the Marie-Curie COFUND scheme
INRIA Explorateur Grant
INRIA, France
Guest researcher at CWI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Best paper award
GECCO (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference)

Castor, Martin Chief Scientist GEISTT Suède Academia, Industrie
Schmitt, Alexander Student TU-Berlin Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Bergamini, Claudio CEO Imola Informatica Spa Italie Industrie

Via Selice 66/A

maraschini, alessandro telespazio s.p.a. Italie Industrie
Romagnoli, Raniero CTO Almawave Italie Academia, Industrie
Wald, Stephan CTO BASIS Europe Distribution GmbH Allemagne Industrie

…zur Zeit im BITKOM / DFKI Zertifikatslehrgang zum KI Manager…

Comella, Diego Country Manager Rs Components Italie Industrie
Barrett, Gregg Director SignalRunner Afrique du Sud Industrie

Undergrad in Marketing and Business Management (Oxford Brookes),
Master of Science in Data Science (Northwestern University),
CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst),
PRM (Professional Risk Manager)

Establishment and management of Data Science/Machine Learning/AI laboratories and operations.

Fraaije, Hans CEO / professor Culgi BV and Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

I am the founder of computational chemistry company Culgi and am interested in the application of AI to the chemical industry.

Favalli, Andrea Almawave Italie Industrie
Bonzi, Aldo Arrow Electronics Italie Industrie, Autre
Valentini, Franco AD SELEA Srl Italie Industrie

I’m a Product and marketing manager in a small company that develops devices for video surveillance market. Are 10 years that we develop neural networks (and now convolutional nets) embedded inside the cameras for intelligent video analisys and devices. We are available to collaborate for develop intelligent devices for vertical markets.

Walter, Philipp CTO INFOSERVE GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Urain De Jesus, Julen Phd IAS – TU Darmstadt Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Bettini, Alessandro Innovation Leader Company – Machinery Manufacturing Italie Industrie
Grabner, Helmut Senior Lecturer ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science Suisse Academia, Industrie
Schoonderwoerd, Tjeerd MSc. (PhD-position) TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

PhD-student who focuses at identifying the requirements for socially-aware, explainable AI.

Huomo, Tua Executive Vice President VTT Technical Reserach Centre of Finland Finlande Academia, Industrie, Autre
Rimbach, Tanja Senior Business Consultant Micro Focus Allemagne Industrie

Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with knowledge management (KM)

Gruehser, Marcus CEO Common Sense Projects GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Hohmeyer, Frank Chief Business Officer ratiokontakt GmbH Allemagne Industrie, Autre

siehe meine Profile

Veneri, Giacomo AI Developer bhge Italie Industrie
Böhm, Konstantin CEO Ancud IT Beratung GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

also Vice Chairman of the Open Source Business Association e.V. the leading Open Source Organisation in Germany. We aim for open, sustainable, human centric Digitalization.
further Member of Nationaler IT Gipfel Deutschland Fokusgruppe Digitale Souveranität

Chionidis, Konstantinos Student for Masters degree in AI Tilburg University Pays-bas Industrie
Watkins, Chris Professor of Machine Learning Royal Holloway, University of Lonon Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Department of Computer Science,
Royal Holloway, University of London

Hatzack, Wolfgang CEO Company Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Mohamed, Ahmed Student Saarland University Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Please Check my online Profile .

MONACI, GIACOMO Digital Product Management personal Italie Industrie
Sigloch, Dr Sebastian Innovation / Business Development Manager SWITCH Suisse Academia, Industrie
di stefano, barbara head of big data and advanced analytics organisation Italie Industrie
Deswal, Unmukt Student Leiden University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Gomes, Luisa Data Scientist Be Consulting Italie Industrie
CALASSO, FIORENZO B2B International Sales Dedalus S.P.A. Italie Industrie
Hornig, Benedikt Student DHBW Lörrach Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Ich habe mit einem Online-Kurs für maschinelles Lernen angefangen und informiere und entwickle mich im Moment in Richtung Deep Learning und Reinforcement Learning mit Hilfe eines eigenen Projektes.

Mangeruca, Leonardo Italie Industrie
Mahr, Esther Conversational Experience Designer; Communications Manager IPsoft Allemagne Academia, Industrie

The Real Women Behind Amelia: Esther Mahr

De Dominicis, Gabriel CEO Forcive Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Pohl, Detlef Siemens Mobility Allemagne Industrie
Boraso, Rodolfo Consultant, student Italie Academia, Industrie
Ernst, Meike Digital Creative Director Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Corcoran, Gerard Innovation and Research Partnerships Huawei Irlande Industrie

Interested in Research and Innovation Partnerships and the Digital Singularity.
Founder ISOGG Ireland.
Board and Task Member Smart and Sustainable Cities.

Ott, Maximilian Consultant for AI IBM Allemagne Industrie
Seybold, Philipp University of Southampton & Airbus Allemagne Academia, Industrie

– MSc. Graduate in A.I. at University of Southampton
– 6 Mo. Machine Learning Engineer at Airbus
– Interest in advancing A.I. research in Germany and Europe

Humm, Bernhard Professor Hochschule Darmstadt – University of Applied Sciences Allemagne Academia, Industrie

10 years of industry experierence
Professor teaching AI
80+ publications in AI and related topics

Sander, Slawomir KUKA Deutschland GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Guzzo, Andrea Data Scientist RETI Italie Academia, Industrie

I’m a Data Scientist in Reti SPA and master degree student in University of Milan-Bicocca.
I worked in different AI projects and solutions for many important enterprise customers and now i’m doing research and innovation in my company and in university

Naumann, Toni Vertrieb und Finanzen Conimon GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Garatzogianni, Alexandra Senior Research, Innovation & Tech Transfer Project Manager L3S Research Center and Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology (TIB) Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Buschbacher, Florian Partner AI EY GmbH Allemagne Industrie

Deep practical insights of AI. Bitkom executiv for Big Data and AI.

Rodríguez, Natalia CEO and founder Saturno Labs Espagne Academia, Industrie
Krause, Peter Head of R&D divis intelligent solutions GmbH Allemagne Industrie

Google H-Index: 8

Ruffolo, Massimo Researcher ICAR-CNR Italie Academia, Industrie

Massimo Ruffolo has 20+ years of experience as:
– Researcher of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in artificial intelligence, databases and big data, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, and natural language processing ( He is also: adjunct professor at the University of Calabria; reviewer of international conferences and journals; author of many scientific papers appeared in books, international conferences proceedings and journals in the computer science field.
– Founder, CEO/CTO of Altilia (, and founder of 2 other start-ups where he shaped product, marketing and business strategies directly executing R&D, product development, marketing, and sales activities.

Cardoso, Jorge Chief Architect and Professor Huawei Munich Research Center Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Biaggini, Lonna Luxembourg Academia, Industrie, Autre


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Linnyk, PD Dr. Olena Artificial Intelligence Specialist FIAS Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Kohler, Raphael Vice Chairman German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Based in Germany and Shenzen, we are German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (GCAAI), a non-profit organization founded in 2017. We are 500+ academic researchers, industry entrepreneurs, tech leaders, who live or work in Germany or China, sharing the very same goal: boosting the exchange of education, research and public resources between Germany and China in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Recently, further hubs of activities were established in Beijing, Shanghai and Frankfurt.

MISSINHOUN, Jean CEO VairLab France Academia, Industrie
Calandrini, Roberto Head of Data Science & Architecture SNAM S.p.A. Italie Industrie

Data Science, industrial application of AI deep generative models, AI and cybersecurity, AI applied to multi-sensor remote sensing systems for continuous surveillance, Trustworthy AI for decision support in mission-critical systems, AI application to Industry 4.0 and IIoT, AI-Enhanced Communities, Neuromorphic processing systems, Interaction of AI and chaos theory with application to statistical simulation of complex physical processes, HPC for industry applications

Hill, Richard Professor University of Huddersfield Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Socuvka, Ondrej Policy Manager Google Slovaquie Industrie

Slovak national, currently living and working in Brussels/Belgium. Following Artificial Intelligence, with focus in particular on Machine Learning, AI and Ethics, and Future of Work. Member of the expert group drafting Slovak National AI strategy.

Palomares Chust, Alberto Professor Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Espagne Academia, Industrie
Delpiano, Giorgio General Manager Strategy & Portfolio Shell Royaume-Uni Industrie, Autre

Member of AAAI

Mc Auley, Steven AI Strategy Lead TinyBox Allemagne Academia, Industrie

– Veranstalter von KI Meetups in Hannover & München
– Preisgekrönter Vortragsredner
– Strategieberatung von DAX30 Unternehmen zur Nutzung von KI

Wiesmüller, Sabine Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Projektleitung Zeppelin Universität, Leadership Excellence Institute LEIZ, AI Ethics Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Gatti de Bayser, Maira Research Staff Member IBM Research Brésil Academia, Industrie
Dubanska, Barbora Head of Legal Novartis République Tchèque Industrie

Experienced lawyer with strong interest in use of AI in healthcare

master in healthcare administration thesis on the use of AI in healthcare

Švarc, Petr Enterprise Architect and Solution Architect for AI domain Škoda Auto a.s. République Tchèque Industrie, Autre
Borasso, Massimiliano R&D Manager Meccanotecnica Umbra SpA Italie Industrie

We would like to implement AI in our production process. We are interested in making a screening of potential applications.

Shiriaev, Fedor Software Engineer Careem GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Mutavdzic, Ratko Cloud Services Director Microsoft Corporation Croatie Industrie
Tuncel, Mustafa Anil Software Engineer ETH Zurich Suisse Academia, Industrie
tarallo, pasquale indipendent thinker private Italie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Aparício, Sara Earth Observation Data Scientist European Space Agency Portugal Academia, Industrie
Bizarro, Pedro Chief Science Officer Feedzai Portugal Industrie
Sies, Tilmann Intrapreneur sepago GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Ajro, Naim Software engineer Macédoine Industrie
Schwendner, Peter Professor, Head of Center for Asset Management Zurich University of Applied Sciences Suisse Academia, Industrie

We are running projects to apply AI methods in the financial Industry together with asset managers, banks and European public institutions.
We are a partner in the EU H2020 project FIN-TECH and are organizing the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Industry in Winterthur

Romero, Laia Director Lobelia by isardSAT Espagne Academia, Industrie

Marie Curie 8

Németh, Géza Associate Professor with habilitation, Head of Laboratory University Hongrie Academia, Industrie

International Relations Workgoup Leader of the Hungarian AI Coalition
Hungarian NCP for AI4EU

Lenartova, Zdenka executive director slovak.AI – Slovak Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Slovaquie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Berte, Jonathan CEO Robovision bvba Belgique Industrie

We are a turnkey AI solution provider, with a scalable killer platform. We want to make AI available to all, breaking any hardware or knowledge barriers.

Novak, Zoltan Section Leader Hungarian National Association of Machinery and Power Engineering Industries Hongrie Industrie
Perez-Cortes, Juan-Carlos Director of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab. ITI Espagne Academia, Industrie

Google Scholar h-index: 19 (
Prof. Dr. Juan-Carlos Perez-Cortes holds a PhD. in Computer Science from the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV), Spain. His field of research is on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Perception and Human-Machine Interaction.
After his initial work on Speech Synthesis, for which he was awarded a National Prize in 1990, he received a research grant and worked in Connectionist Systems, Language Models and Geometric Pattern Recognition, obtaining his doctorate on this field in 1994.
He became an assistant professor in that year and tenured lecturer in 1997. He was Research Subdirector of the Department of Computer Engineering of the UPV and he has worked since 1998 in applications of AI, ML and Pattern Recognition to medicine, biometrics, robotics and industrial and embedded systems at ITI.
In 2002 he was appointed as Scientific Director of the Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica (ITI), an Institute of the regional network of technology centers of the Valencian Community, Spain (REDIT). These institutions are private associations of companies belonging to each industry sector. Their mission is to close the gap between the knowledge generation phase and the market adoption of technological products and services. It also belongs to the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (FEDIT).
He has been main researcher an/or coordinator of 37 public-founded national and international research projects and participated in 26 more. He has been responible of 34 research contracts with companies or administrations, and participated in 20 more. Perez-Cortes is author of 18 journal articles, 7 book chapters, 26 peer-reviewed international conference papers with proceedings and 14 national conference papers with proceedings.
He has been director or co-director of 5 PhD. thesis.

Costa-Soria, Cristobal Director of the R&D projects promotion area ITI – Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica Espagne Academia, Industrie
Sáez-Domingo, Daniel Technology Transfer Director ITI – Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica Espagne Academia, Industrie
Jha, Siddhartha AI Program Manager Fondation Botnar Inde Industrie
Frattini, Giovanni Technical Manager Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Italie Industrie

via Emanuele Gianturco, 15-80142, Naples

Mazin, Vasily Chief Research Officer Mind Simulation Russie Academia, Industrie

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

For 15 years taught at the Kuban State University at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. As a teacher, and then as an assistant professor, lectured and conducted practices in the following disciplines: “Discrete Mathematics”, “Intelligent Information Systems”, “Programming”, “Databases”.

Supervised theses in the following areas: pattern recognition, fuzzy logic algorithms, knowledge base.

In addition to teaching and research, participated in the development of applied and scientific programs in the fields of economics, construction, sales, modeling of physical processes in solids and calculating fire safety risks in the positions of programmer, lead programmer and project manager.

In recent years, the main activity is the design and creation of Universal Artificial Intelligence.

Derikyants, Leonid CEO Mind Simulation Russie Industrie
Shi, Tianjin Zhejiang University Chine Academia, Industrie
Rodrigues Leal, Marcos Regional Marketing Officer Abbott Laboratories Allemagne Industrie
Witting, Casper Developer Pays-bas Industrie
Lippold, Ralf Community Member i4j Allemagne Industrie, Autre

• aktives Mitglied der von David Nordfors und Vint Cerf gegründeten Initiative i4j (Innovation4Jobs) insbesondere mit dem Fokus von KI und #PeopleCenteredEconomy (Firesidechats in Dresden bzw. Berlin für 4. Quartal 2019 in Planung; Einladung:
• Teilnahme (auf persönliche Einladung als interdisziplinärer Boundary Spanner) bei zwei vorbereitenden Workshops der vom Fraunhofer IIE/EAS und TU Dresden gestarteten « KI Initiative Sachsen (#KIKis) [2018/2019]

Cominetti, Paolo Product Research Center Bonfiglioli Riduttori Italie Industrie
Albertazzi, Magnolia Italie Industrie
Bastidas García, Oscar Chief Scientific Officer Binartis Genomics SRL, Universidad de Valencia Espagne Industrie

-Founder of BINARTIS GENOMICS, devoted to apply AI & deep learning to genetic diagnosis for clinical applications. (currently at start-up phase)
-Founder of CELEROMICS TECHNOLOGIES. Developped the first cell counting device that could be adapted to any laboratory microscope. Used AI and Computer Vision to automatically count & analyze cells under the microscope. Sold the system in more than 15 countries.
– Founder of DAVANTIS TECHNOLOGIES, national leader of intelligent videosurveillance. Applied AI & Computer vision to intelligent video analysis for surveillance applications. reaching +3m€ annual income; its surveillance system validated by the UK goverment for critical facilities (military, nuclear plants, etc).

-Winner of national biotechnology project (30.000 €)
-Entrepreneur of the year award (Entrepreneur Magazine Spain ) – 20.000 €
-Bankia National Entrepreneurs Contest : 16.000 €.
-Best Biotechnology Entrepreneur in Valencian Region. 5.000€


NEOTEC Research Grant : 550.000 €. (Project : MICROCOUNTER. Artificial Intelligence applied to automatic microscope image analysis and experiment automation)

CDTI R&D Grant : 320.000 € (Project ONCOMARKER. Automatic system based on microarrays & AI to diagnose colorectal cancer)

NEOTEC Research Grant : 300.000 €
(Project DAVIEW: Intelligent Videosurveillance Systems based on AI & Computer Vision)

IMPIVA Research Grant : 250.000 €
(Project GENVAL : Intelligent system for preimplantation genetic diagnosis)

Valencian Instituto of Finance, R&D Grant : 150.000 €

Areas of interest & expertise : Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Genetics, Clinical Diagnosis.

International Patent : Particle counting system adaptable to an optical instrument PCT/EP2013/057164

von Stryk, Oskar Professor Technische Universität Darmstadt Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Hernández Fish, Pablo Data Scientist Tadorea Espagne Academia, Industrie
Schreijer, Hayo Product manager Company Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Graduated (Master) in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CKI) at University of Utrecht in 1995. Now working for governments to make documents and data available for reuse for findability and smart applications.

Leal, Marcos Regional Marketing Officer Abbott Laboratories Allemagne Industrie
Oliveira, Rafael Director of Product ODSC États-Unis Industrie

I’m part of the team that organizes the Open Data Science Conference and the Accelerate AI Summit. We also host meetup communities around the world with monthly free events to provide content and share expertise in AI and Data Science

Celino, Irene Research Manager, Head of Knowledge Technologies group Cefriel – Politecnico di Milano Italie Academia, Industrie

Computer Scientist with a passion for Research and Development. Expert in Web technologies with specialization in Semantic Web, Semantic Interoperability, Human Computation, Citizen Science, Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning and Data Analytics.
Head of the Knowledge Technologies Group, a competency group in Human Computation and Semantic Interoperability with a focus on Smart Cities and transport/mobility. Project Manager and Project Coordinator, 15+ years of experience in 25+ cooperative research projects, at regional, national and European level, with increasing responsibilities over time.

ciaravella, gaetano Mechartonics & IoT Manager bonfiglioli riduttori Italie Academia, Industrie
van Oosterzee, Anna Co-founder Ethical Intelligence Associates, Limited Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Tomlein, Matúš Data Scientist Pygmalios Slovaquie Academia, Industrie

Researcher and data scientist working mainly in the domain of retail analytics using data from IoT sensors installed in physical retail stores.

Kollia, Ilianna Researcher/Data Scientist IBM, National Technical University of Athens Grèce Academia, Industrie

Currently I perform my research in the areas of machine learning, in particular, deep learning, and knowledge representation and reasoning, while working at the Big Data and Business Analytics Center of Competence of IBM in Greece.

I possess a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the area of query answering over ontologies, from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, 2014. I have obtained an M.Sc degree in AI from the University of Oxford, UK, 2010, an M.Sc degree in Techno-Economic Systems from NTUA, 2016, and a Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTUA, 2009.

De Boom, Cedric Postdoctoral Researcher Ghent University Belgique Academia, Industrie
Schneider, Moritz Research Scientist / Innovation Manager SCHOTT AG Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Robin, Jacques Research Engineer Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne France Academia, Industrie
De Deken, Olivier CTO Company Belgique Academia, Industrie

As the CTO of a company focussing on additive manufacturing and AI, my expertise lies in the hybrid between these 2 technologies. This being AI for 3D objects and 3D manipulation / designing.

In my professional experience I’ve noticed the need for an International AI innovation network, so I want to put my efforts into this to make it happen. Therefor I strongly believe in CLAIRE!

Maqueda, Oscar COO / R&D Prívate company Espagne Academia, Industrie
Ramesh, Visvanathan Professor Goethe University Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Researcher focusing on systems science and engineering for Intelligence. Best paper award in CVPR 2000, Longuet-Higgins Award for lasting contributions to Computer Vision 2010. Siemens Inventor of the Year for contributions in Real-time Vision and Modeling 2008, Current focus is on transdisciplinary research in integrated Human-AI systems.

Vegas Olmos, Juan Jose Principal Engineer Mellanox Technologies Danemarque Academia, Industrie

I have a dual position Aalborg University Center for Communication, Media and IT as Adjunct Professor, and Principal Engineer at Mellanox Technologies in the Software Architecture team, working on future technologies for network and AI acceleration.

Oanta, William Richard CEO Laif Computation S.R.L. Roumanie Industrie

I have founded an R&D AI Startup (LAIF – in Romania in 2018, working on Brain-Machine Interfaces, and collaborating with the Oxford Computational Neuroscience Laboratory.

LAIF is a spin-off from the Oxford Computational Neuroscience Lab, to leverage AI in deep technologies. Established 4 specialised units (AI, SW, HW, Domain Experts), 3 business verticals (Services, Products, Research), interviewed over 60 people and hired 30, fostered partnerships with top academic institutions (RO, UK, FR and US), attained strategic partnerships with top industry players in the US. Achieved +$1 million revenue for our first year, led grant applications for a total of $4 million, and partnered for grant applications valued at over +$20 million. Strategy formulation and execution, Business Verticals Leadership, P&L Budgeting, Business Development, Clients Acquisition, Operations Management. Our product and research areas include Brain-Machine Interface, ML for Stroke Detection, Spiking Neural Networks, Dangerous Situation Awareness, Drag&Drop AI Environment, Medical Image Analysis – Radiology, Smart Wearable for Biometrics Monitoring.

Besides this, I am pursuing my Master in Artificial Intelligence at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

van der Wijst, Jos IP lawyer / partner Pays-bas Industrie
Dvorak, Pavel Research specialist Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe République Tchèque Industrie
Koch, Milan PhD Student BMW Group Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Schwartz Juste, Guillermo CTO Clear Image AI Luxembourg Industrie
Sandhåland, Per Ove Norvège Industrie
Rott, wolfgang Allemagne Industrie
Bucci, Marco AI and Data Expert IBM Italie Academia, Industrie

Former researcher in genetic algorithms and optimization problems.

Darwade, Abhijit Lead Data Scientist TCS Inde Industrie
Calvo, Daniel Artificial Intelligence Coordinator Atos Research and Innovation Espagne Industrie
Ismaili, Besim CTO ELA AS Norvège Industrie
Golub, Andrey co-Founder & CEO ELSE Corp Italie Industrie

Co-founder, CEO and CTO of ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail and 3D Commerce company.
Book Author « Искусственный интеллект для моды » (Artificial Intelligence for Fashion).

I am a Business Transformation and Technology Innovation professional, in the past a R&D manager, contract professor, and a strategy consultant, specialized in the development and launch of innovative DeepTech products and services, mainly Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.
As of technology entrepreneur since 2010, my best expertise lays in the field of Fashion/Luxury Retail and Manufacturing.

Since 2014 I am the co-founder and CEO of ELSE Corp, a startup that is developing a « Real-Time Fashion » approach called « Virtual Couture Fashion », which is a new business model and a set of technologies, including those for AI-Assisted Design and AI Driven Customer Experience, for an end-to-end Digital Transformation of the supply chains in the fashion sector. ELSE’s mission is to enable MASS CUSTOMIZED design and retailing for fashion brands, process which then leads to the HYBRID (ON DEMAND) manufacturing model, at the end driving the industry towards a true SUSTAINABLE fashion model, which is REAL-TIME and DIGITAL.

– Member of the European AI Alliance @ European Commission
– 3D Footwear expert @ 3D Body Processing Working Group (3DBP), IEEE-SA
– Expert @ Fashion Tech cluster, The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)
– Advisor @ Fashion Technology Accelerator (FTA Milan)
– Chairman @inTAIL 2018, AI Driven & Intelligent Retail
– IEEE Member since 2004

Buining, Fred Founder HIRO-MicroDataCenters Pays-bas Industrie

Development of Hardware for Big Data processing and AI. Active in EU funded projects incorporating AI in Edge and Fog Computing.

Ackermann, Marcel Machine Learning Scientist Freelancer Allemagne Industrie
Graf, Dr. Winfried H. Managing Partner Berlin Digital Group (BDG Innovation+Transformation GmbH & Co. KG) Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Sánchez-Holgado, Patricia Researcher Universidad de Salamanca Espagne Academia, Industrie, Autre
Shaker, Ammar Research Scientist/Dr. NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Deifallah, Dina Data Scientist HeyJobs Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Vassiliades, Vassilis Team Leader Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies – RISE Ltd Chypre Industrie
Popovics, Laszlo Head of Research and Development organization Hongrie Industrie

Now I have a role to establish AI competence center within R&D organizational unit. My current focus on AI avatars, NLP, NLG. Researching the organizational aspects, how we can align organizational culture with the use of AI, and how we can enhance our performance with the skills of using AI on a daily level.

Nagy, András Data Science Engineer Hongrie Industrie
Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas Professor. Managing Director IDE+A – Institute for Data Science, Engineering, and Analytics. TH Köln Allemagne Academia, Industrie

AI expert: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithms, Sequential Parameter Optimization

regan, gilbert Post doctoral researcher DKIT and Lero Irlande Academia, Industrie

PhD in Medical Device Software Traceability.
Interested in cybersecurity and AI

Aslam, Imran Suisse Academia, Industrie
Van Leekwijck, Werner Senior Researcher Universiteit Antwerpen Belgique Academia, Industrie
Goodman, David Senior Consultant Trust in Digital Life Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie, Autre

Co-author of ‘The Rise of Machine Learning in the Enterprise’
Co-author of ‘The New Wave: A Guide To Successful Surfing’ – How do you build and hold on to a job or a career in the enhanced workplace of the future when you’re competing for promotion with an intelligent machine?

Trautwein, Frank Managing Director Raylytic GmbH Allemagne Industrie

Interested in medical AI applications, collaborations and interoperability.
See also

Žirgutis, Vytautas Associate proffessor University Lituanie Academia, Industrie
Valcik, Jakub Research Specialist Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe République Tchèque Industrie
Raftopoulos, Marigo Principal Consultant Strategic Innovation Lab Australier Industrie

I have a PhD in digital media/game technology and work in the field of innovation. I am currently working on an EU H2020 MSCA-IF research proposal with the University of Tampere (Finland) to conduct research into the augmentation of human and artificial intelligence. The research proposal looks to investigate the human factors aspects of AI, which will include the use of participatory design practices, gamification and game-based activities as mediators of engaging interactions and problem solving between human and machine that generate data, develop insights, facilitate business problem solving and aid both human and machine learning.

Tani, Satyanarayana Graz University of Technology Australie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Quinn, Julia Program Coordinator Gavin Conferences États-Unis Academia, Industrie, Autre

5911 Oak Ridge Way

Schmitt, Alexander Sales Director Asia EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH Allemagne Industrie
Kavicky, Radovan Principal Data Scientist & President GapData Institute Slovaquie Industrie, Autre

Member: Slovak.AI & European AI Alliance

Turina, Danilo Technical lead Trian s.r.l. Italie Industrie

CS degree and more than 20 years working in software development (in the industry of telecommunications (network management) and mobility/insurance (Big data / IoT)).
Yesterday employee of a large enterprise, today an entrepreneur.
Really interested in the technologies that are changing the world.
Currently investing in AI (now studying ML).

Gianfreda, Cosimo Damiano CTO E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A. Italie Industrie
Marquering, Henk Associate Professor Amsterdam UMC Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Focus on AI for medical computer vision

Goebel, Randy Professor University of Alberta Canada Academia, Industrie
Herfet, Thorsten Universitätsprofessor Saarland Informatics Campus Allemagne Academia, Industrie

AI in Telecommunications (5G/6G) and Computer Vision (Light Field Analysis)

De Nobili, Cristiano Senior Deep Learning Scientist Harman Samsung Italie Industrie

After a degree in Theoretical Particle Physics and a Ph.D. in Statistical Physics (SISSA, Trieste) on Entanglement Entropy, I’m currently into AI. In particular, I’m working out deep learning solutions applied to language. In addition, I am a machine learning instructor and an active speaker for meetups and events. Really interested in AI application for improving nature and human conditions.

Zaborowski, Piotr HoCapabilities Eversis Pologne Industrie
Casas, Pedro Research Scientist AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Australie Academia, Industrie

I am an expert and lead researcher in AI4NETS at the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. AIT is Austria’s largest Research and Technology Organization, and an international key player in many of the research areas it covers. AI4NETS – AI for Networks, is my attempt to drastically improve the functioning and operation of the Internet and the services relying on it through the systematic and successful application of AI/ML concepts. For the last 15 years, I have been tackling the core challenges hindering the acceptability and adoption of AI/ML in networking applications such as security, performance, anomaly detection and troubleshooting, and Quality of Experience. I work as principal investigator, project manager, technical work leader and researcher in multiple international projects in AI4NETS, I have published more than 150 papers around AI4NETS topics, receiving 13 best paper, best demo, and best student work awards. I periodically organize different international scientific events such as summits, workshops, and groups of interest around AI4NETS topics, having organized 17 of these events in the last five years, 11 of them initiated individually by myself. My main research interests include artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and data mining based approaches for Networking, big data analytics and platforms, Internet network measurements, network security and anomaly detection, as well as QoE modeling, assessment and monitoring.

Caglieris, Marco CEO Koyre Italie Industrie, Autre

I am CEO of a startup who is developing projects in the industrial and medical sector with traditional and new technologies

Aarts, Emile Prof.dr. Tilburg University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Steinbrener, Jan Sr. Postdoctoral Research Associate (tenure track) Universität Klagenfurt, Control of Networked Systems Group Australie Academia, Industrie
Avila-García, Orlando Senior Research Engineer Atos Espagne Industrie

Ph. D. in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent Autonomous Robots and Systems research line head, Manufacturing and Retail sector, Atos Research & Innovation.

De Togni, Stefano Founder Etica Italie Industrie
de Kruijff, Gepco CEO Deltas Planet Earth Pays-bas Industrie

Earth Observation (EO), Complex Systems, Blockchain,

Sonnenfeld, Kristina Rheo Allemagne Industrie
Gerlick, Joshua Doctoral Student Case Western Reserve University États-Unis Academia, Industrie

Joshua Gerlick is a seasoned corporate executive, research academician, and management educator, whose unparalleled ability to communicate broadly between practitioner and scholarly spheres of influence has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and highly-sought speaker. His current research agenda is situated at the intersection of advanced technology systems, human-computer interaction, and organizational learning — examining how firms navigate moral hazards and develop risk mitigation strategies within an ecosystem increasingly driven by artificial intelligence-based decision-making platforms. He uniquely illuminates relevant insights that suggest how public policy and industry self-regulation may co-exist to reduce algorithmic bias, increase data transparency, and validate fairness and inclusion in AI-based decision-making.

Joshua has also earned numerous awards and accolades during his career as an entrepreneur, executive, and consultant. He is recognized as a « science pioneer » by the University of San Francisco and a « rising star » by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. His expertise commercializing public- and private-sector technologies spans industrial domains including semiconductor fabrication, diagnostic medical device manufacturing, and autonomous vehicle control systems. Organizations honoring his contributions as a champion of technology commercialization and agent of change include Honeywell Aerospace, the Project Management Institute, and NASDAQ.

As a scholar, Joshua has served on the faculty of Case Western Reserve University and Grand Valley State University, and he regularly accepts speaking engagements throughout the world. He is an active member and contributor to numerous scholarly- and practitioner-oriented organizations.

Joshua is completing his PhD in Management at Case Western Reserve University. He earned an MBA and BS in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

Mac Williams, Carmen Director Grassroots Arts and Research Allemagne Industrie
Fröhlich, Holger Professor; Head of Data Science & AI University of Bonn, Fraunhofer SCAI Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Bernardini, Ángela AI work package leader Naitec Espagne Industrie
Hurtado, Juan Andrés Director Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Design Espagne Industrie

Braunschweig, Bertrand Coordinator, national research programme on AI Inria France Academia, Industrie
Henckel, Paul Test Engineer Danemarque Industrie
Koene, Ansgar Global AI Ethics and Policy Leader EY Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie

Dr. Ansgar Koene is AI Regulatory Advisor at EY Global where he supports the AI Lab’s Policy activities on Trusted AI. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the RCUK funded Horizon Digital Economy Research institute (University of Nottingham) where he contributes to the policy impact activities of the institute and leads the policy related stakeholder engagement activities of the ReEnTrust project. As part of this work Ansgar has provided evidence to twelve UK parliamentary inquiries, co-authored a report on Bias in Algorithmic Decision-Making for the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, and was lead author of a Science Technology Options Assessment report on a Governance Framework for Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency for the European Parliament.

Ansgar chairs the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations working group, is the Bias Focus Group leader for the IEEE Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS), and a trustee for the 5Rgiths foundation for the Rights of Young People Online.

Ansgar has a multi-disciplinary research background, having worked and published on topics ranging from Policy and Governance of Algorithmic Systems (AI), data-privacy, AI Ethics, AI Standards, bio-inspired Robotics, AI and Computational Neuroscience to experimental Human Behaviour/Perception studies. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience.

Petsinis, George Lead Data Scientist Intrasoft Grèce Academia, Industrie

Background in Data Science and Remote Sensing with many years of engagement in AI/ML projects through both academia and industry

Scholtes, Jan Full Professor Text Mining & Chief Strategy Officer Maastricht University & ZyLAB Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Expertise in: information retrieval, text-mining & text-analytics, computation linguistic and machine learning, in particular for the fields of e-discovery, corporate & information governance, and other legaltech applicationa.

Since 2008, Scholtes holds the extra-ordinary Chair in Text Mining from the Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht and he is a senior research fellow of the Dutch School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS). (SIKS) is a Dutch Research School established in 1996 and accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (

From 1987 to 2009 Scholtes acted as President / CEO of ZyLAB. Scholtes has been involved in deploying in-house e-discovery software with organization such as the UN War Crimes Tribunals, the FBI-ENRON investigations, the EOP (White House), and thousands of other users worldwide.

Fernandez, Ed Board Director BigML Inc États-Unis Industrie
Scheid, Martin Researcher DFKI Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Vicente-Palacios, Victor Clinical Data Scientist Philips Healthcare Spain Espagne Academia, Industrie
Anil, Basak Business development Grus BV Pays-bas Industrie
Coma-Puig, Bernat PhD Student / Researcher Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Espagne Academia, Industrie
Schweizer, Damian Keith Pharma Research and Early Development, Laboratory Informatics Expert F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG Suisse Academia, Industrie
Loh, Carmen Marketing Communications Manager IOS Press Pays-bas Industrie
TANTAR, Alexandru-Adrian Business Analytics Group Coordinator, PhD Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Luxembourg Academia, Industrie

karssen, zeger director Atlantis Press France Academia, Industrie
SUZEN, Hasan CEO University of Antwerp and Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group Belgique Academia, Industrie
Galinski, Radek Director Technologie & Innovation TERRITORY Allemagne Industrie
Muiños Landin, Santiago Artificial Intelligence Researcher Robotics & Control Department AIMEN Technology Center Espagne Academia, Industrie
Gavagnin, Elena Senior Project Leader Data Science Institute of Business Information Technology (IWI), Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Zurich Suisse Academia, Industrie
de Kleijn, Maria SVP Analytical Services Elsevier Pays-bas Industrie
Hahn, Thomas Chief Expert Software Siemens AG Allemagne Industrie

President Big Data Value Assoc.
VP OPC Foundation
Chairman Labs Network Industrie 4.0
Member SteCo Plattform Industrie 4.0

Bahov, Bobby CEO & Co-founder AI Lab One Pays-bas Industrie
van Wijk, Robert Jan Senior manager D&E ASML Pays-bas Industrie
Camilleri, Jean-Luc Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Technologiques Universitaires en Robotique Productique Université de Toulon et du Var France Industrie

J’ai mis au point un Nouveau Test de Turing dans le but d’évaluer et comparer les niveaux d’intelligence entre un humain et une I. A., et souhaite le faire connaitre à la communauté scientifique.
Jean-Luc Camilleri 32120 Sarrant FRANCE

Hupaylo, Deva Director Merrill États-Unis Industrie
Roehrig, Sofie Freelance Internat. Development Researcher & Automation Application Developer Freelance & Accenture NL Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre

MSc International Relations from London School of Economics; interest in and practical experience with machine learning through my job at Accenture NL (Intelligent Automation Deeloper); freelance research experience with Australian Dpt. for Foreign Affairs and Trade and Economist Intelligence Unit; main interest is applying big data and AI techniques to address societal and economic (policy) problems.

Lukaart, Martijn CEO Odd.Bot A.I. for Earth & Robotics for a sustainable future Pays-bas Industrie

Winner of the AI for Earth, contributing to a more sustainable agriculture without potentially harmful chemicals

Berns, Michael Director of AI & FinTech PwC Allemagne Industrie
Tohidi, Ali Head of the board & Managing Director CEMTCO(caspian electromechanic technologists) Iran Industrie

In the past two years we have launched a program in the company
On the application of artificial intelligence in energy, health and education
We want to explore the applications of artificial intelligence with a human-centered approach to nature conservation
We want to create hardware pilots in these areas
Power station way for electric cars
Cardiac Patient Care System
And training for people in a remote place

Puyenbroek, Mischa Security architect IT consulting Pays-bas Academia, Industrie, Autre
van Zandwijk, Mike Fellow Winvision Pays-bas Industrie
Gassama, Oumar H. Product Manager Talkwalker Sarl. Hongrie Industrie

I am an IT professional holding Information Technology (BSc) and Engineering Teacher (BSc) degrees at the Budapest Tech (now Óbuda University). Having 15+ years of project management experience in the private sector IT industry, with 5+ years of product management and business analysis experience in IT software development field.
Right now I am in the planning phase of a research/innovation/development program initiative, aiming to improve on and add support to investigation processes of law enforcement offices (as well as prosecutors and relevant NGOs) with a special focus on finding missing children in the EU through AI methodology-based solutions.

Daniels, Sebastien Head Data Privacy Benelux Novartis Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Breevoort, Leen Chairman Company Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Karabanov, Denis IPSoft Pays-bas Industrie
Geerdink, Bas AI Pragmatist Aizonic Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, currently working as AI Pragmatist.

Prima, Ryan Master Student Leiden University Indonésie Academia, Industrie
Montero de Quadras, Miquel CTO & Founder Atomian Espagne Industrie
Leitner, Stephan Head of Unit Data Management and Analytics RISC Software GmbH Australie Academia, Industrie
BHATTACHARYA, PRASENJEET Global Lead of Strategic R&D Organization Pays-bas Industrie


CLAIRE is also a great step towards contributing and reaching towards our SDG goals 2030.
I would like to be part of CLAIRE and also see how my company can be useful in advancing the research goals of CLAIRE.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Ozdemir, Mahir Fellow Weconomics Pays-bas Industrie, Autre

Hi, told a friend of my, about our project progress

She mention Claire AI , and told me that you are also taking human (rijnlandsmodel) instead of the company (anglo saksich) as the starting point of organization. Our thinking and projects are based on the work of Peter Drucker, and we are putting effort in “how we can make knowlegde workers more productive” … Our missions have a lot of common ground , “ Weconomics is a network of partners.

Our focus is on the design, development and deployment of organization technologies (such as Blockchain)

to reduce organizational friction to create surplus(time) for a better and more sustainable world.”

So i thought, lets connect because alone we are faster and together we go further for the commons

Tamarit, Salvador IT Researcher (PhD) PFS Group Espagne Academia, Industrie

Researcher with an academic background (PhD) and business experience in various topics such as machine learning, natural language processing, data science, microservices, automated data normalisation, debugging, testing, concurrency, compilers, and automatic program/data transformation.

Dubois, Eric Department Director – IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology – LIST Luxembourg Academia, Industrie
Kadijk, Dirk entrepeneur | Data Scientist DGK IMPAKT Consulting Pays-bas Industrie

Prinses Mariannelaan 122

ahmed, moataz Scientist Irish Centre fo High-End Computing Irlande Academia, Industrie

I had my PhD from the university of Nottingham, specialized in satellite image super resolution using deep learning and the effects of data augmentation. Worked for more than 10 years at several companies with open-source geospatial technologies. Contributes to few OS geospatial tools/applications

Starynkevitch, Basile France Academia, Industrie

By day, I am a research engineer in cybersecurity at CEA,LIST, a few years away from retirement.

By education, I got a PhD in AI (1990, LIP6, France and ENS CAchan)

By passion and at home, I am developing a reflexive artificial intelligence system (free software, GPlv3+) with Indian colleagues.

Silva, Nelson Research in Knowledge Visualization and Strategic Intelligence Know-center Australie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Bühler, Katja Area Manager, Group Leader VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH Australie Academia, Industrie
Leijnen, Stefan Professor Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Pays-bas Academia, Industrie, Autre
Karssen, Zeger director Atlantis Press France Academia, Industrie

Open Access STM-publisher with large AI background and developing AI publishing programme.

van Wijk, Ruben Analytics Translator Gimix Pays-bas Industrie
Röhrbein, Florian AI Strategist Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Metzelaar, Willem-Frederik business developer EIT Digital Pays-bas Industrie

1. Secure international customers
2. Raise Series A-B funding
3. Join the leading European innovation ecosystem
3. Scale up internationally

Fonteijn, Jos Consultant Company Belgique Academia, Industrie, Autre
Merkus, Paul Partnership manager University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Barbaresco, Frederic Smart sensors segment leader THALES France Industrie
Pedro, Mónica Project Manager ML Analytics Portugal Industrie
Rotondi, Domenico Italie Industrie
Gómez Fernández, David R&D Engineer Company Espagne Academia, Industrie
Liske, Richard Student FernUniversität in Hagen Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Iglesias, Carlos A. Associate Professor Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Espagne Academia, Industrie

PhD from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Expertise in multiagent systems, natural language processing, sentiment and emotion analysis, and linked data technologies.

Heckel, Till Director Strategy and Concept TERRITORY Content to Results GmbH Allemagne Industrie, Autre
Riemer-Sørensen, Signe Researcher SINTEF Digital Norvège Academia, Industrie, Autre
Ravegnani, Stefano Project Manager Cerence Inc Italie Industrie

Bachelor’s in management engineering, After 9 years in information technology project management field, in September 2019 I joined a company that works in AI and speech recognition field with the role of project manager

Veganzones, Miguel Angel AI Director Sherpa AI Espagne Academia, Industrie

Miguel Angel Veganzones received the Ms.C. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Artificial intelligence from the Basque Country University (EHU/UPV), Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, in 2008 and 2012, respectively.

In October 2012, he joined the Images-Signal Department, GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France, as a Postdoctoral Researcher. His research interests include the analysis of hyperspectral images by means of multiway analysis, computational intelligence, and statistical techniques.

In June 2016, he joined NEM Solutions as Data Analysis Manager and since May 2018 he works as Artificial Intelligence Director in

Dr. Veganzones is member of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the CNRS GDR 720 ISIS (Information, Signal, Image et ViSion) and the CNRS GDR 3708 MADICS (Masses de Données, Informations et Connaissances en Sciences).

He is a regular Reviewer of international peer-reviewed scientific journals and has participated as a Program Committee Member and as a Scientific Referee in several international conferences.

Google Scholar

Hallsjo, Sven-Patrik Machine learning lead Linköping University and AFRY AB Suède Academia, Industrie
Toor, Harpal Singh Head Innovative Technologies Tech Mahindra GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie

I am a Thinker, Creative and Maker, with the focus for a higher level of security in fields like
· The industrial Growth-driven mindset overtaking the sustainable ecosystem.
· Technology-driven mindset taking over the human values-driven system. In my opinion this will soon see a shift back to Ethics, values and humanity needs [already visible in some areas]

Lopes, Nuno Leading researcher DTx: Digital Transformation CoLAB Portugal Academia, Industrie, Autre

DTx: Digital Transformation CoLAB. DTx is a non-profit private association, that carries out its activity doing applied research in different areas associated with digital transformation

EL OUAZZANY ECHCHAHEDY, Imane Maroc Academia, Industrie, Autre
Geus, Marnix MD Pays-bas Industrie
Parker, Steven Program Manager ME confernces Royaume-Uni Industrie

Please consider this message as important and require your acknowledgment.
We would like to invite you to join a group of members from your organization to our convention i.e. “8th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks” which is going to be held in Dubai, UAE during the month of June 18-19, 2020.
For further details kindly check with the given link:
With regards,
Steven Parker
Program Manager | Neural Networks 2020
Tel: +12013805561

zhang, hua director Huawei Chine Industrie
Krtil, Alois CEO AI Research Organization Allemagne Academia, Industrie

Member of HITeC e.V., Executive Director of IKS Hamburg / Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Interested in becoming a Member of Claire AI with our Research Organization ARIC e.V.

Bellotto, Nicola Associate Professor University of Lincoln Royaume-Uni Academia, Industrie
Blagoev, Lyubo CEO USW Ltd Bulgarie Industrie

NLP, RPA, Smart home private cloud

Nieuwenhuis, Kees Research Program director Thales Nederland B.V. Pays-bas Academia, Industrie

PhD in Physics

Albrecht-W., Dr. Klein CEO awkgroup Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Secchi, Antonio Data Scientist University Italie Academia, Industrie
van Ette, Frans Program Director AI TNO Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Oribe, Jon Ander Software developer Eurohelp Espagne Industrie
Pilastri, Andre Senior Machine Learning CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica Portugal Academia, Industrie

Universidade do Minho, Campus de Azurém, edf. 14

Bifulco, Ida Research Fellow University of Naples Federico II Italie Academia, Industrie, Autre
Conway, Steve Senior advisor, HPC market trends Hyperion Research Ltd. États-Unis Industrie
Tod, Georges Dr. Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgique Academia, Industrie
Hakanen, Jussi Senior researcher/PhD University of Jyvaskyla Finlande Academia, Industrie

Multiple criteria decision making, multiobjective optimization, surrogate-assisted optimization, explainable AI, visual analytics

Thelisson, Eva CEO AI Transparency Institute Suisse Academia, Industrie, Autre
Arbai, Fayçal AI Engineer Belgique Industrie
Lazzaroli, Valeria Chief Risk Officer ARISK srl Spin off Politecnico di Torino Italie Industrie, Autre
Tarantino, Luciano Chief Executive Officer ARISK Srl Spin Off Universitario Politecnico di Torino Italie Industrie, Autre
Lonardoni, Fabio Innovation Business Manager Modis Italie Industrie

Via Medeghino 12 – Milan

Belo, David Researcher Libphys – Faculty of Sciences and Technology – Nova University of Lisbon Portugal Academia, Industrie

I am a developer Deep Learning algorithms capable of delivering useful information from biosignals, namely Electrocardiograms and Electromyograms, imposing innovate solutions for processing and decision of large amounts of data.

I also was a NASA FDL researcher specialist during the summer of 2019 and will work as a mentor durring 2020.

Gaudenzi, Massimiliano Product Manager Smartpeg Srl Italie Industrie
Sanfilippo, Andrea Tech Planning and Cooperation Huawei Technologies Allemagne Industrie

Technology Planning and Cooperation Manager. Head of DACH coopeartion.
Responsible for the DACH research agenda and academic relations in the DACH region.

yi, jason Allemagne Industrie
Dykast-Wildhaber, Hannah Lea Creative Strategist & Consultant CLAIRE CH Suisse Academia, Industrie
López Lobo, Jesús Senior researcher Tecnalia Research and Innovation Espagne Academia, Industrie

Dr. Jesús López is currently based in Bilbao (Spain) working at TECNALIA as Data Scientist and Researcher in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

He attended the University of Deusto and the National Distance Education University (UNED), receiving his BSc+MSc in Computer Science and his MSc in Advanced Artificial Intelligence respectively. In 2018 he obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV).

His research topics are real-time data mining (stream learning), concept drift, incremental learning, adaptive and evolving systems, anomaly detection, spiking neural networks, and cellular automata for data mining. Some of them as part of real applications in Robotics (planning), Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation Systems, IoT, Industry 4.0, and Smart Water. Also interesed in multi-purpose AI, hoping that AI community builds JARVIS while avoiding Skynet.

Occasionally, he writes data science stories for reputed blogs such as or Not forgetting the leisure side, he also loves to go outdoors to surf all over the globe.

Armoni, Marco Indipendent Researcher Studio Armoni & Associati and CINEAS Italie Academia, Industrie, Autre

I Study and research in I.A. models for biology and health, to reach improvement in data analysis and disease prediction. In the last time I’ve also explored industrial segment with adopting same approach used to analyze health disease.

Hudah, Fayaz Board Member, Managing Director University of Moratuwa, Shared Knowledge Solutions Ltd Sri Lanka Industrie

Fayaz Hudah

Former Programme Head of The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka with nearly 20 years’ experience technology industry. He is the Founder of ‘spiralation’, the 1st Technology Accelerator in Sri Lanka. Co-author of the National ICT Capacity Strategy (NICS) which later became government policy for IT & KPO development in Sri Lanka. Drafted bilateral trade in IT/ITES services under CEPA with India and Pakistan. Creator and facilitator of The Technology Entrepreneurship course for Open University Of Sri Lanka. Judge of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak the 1st startup reality TV show in Sri Lanka. Moderator, panelist 2016 & judge of the slingshot challenge 2017 at DisruptAsia 1st startup Conference & Expo. Juror 2013-14, congress judge 2015-16 and moderator 2017 of eSwabhimani National Best Quality Content Awards in Sri Lanka. Judge 2014-15 and keynote speaker 2013 at MIT GSL. Curator of Computer Society Of Sri Lanka CIO Forum. Moderator of the National Broadband Forum 2017 & 2018. Founder and Investor of a number of technology startups related to transportation, tourism, health, analytics, retail, etc. A connector and mentor to startups and a consultant to government, INGO and private sector organizations in technology transformation, productization, innovation, go-to-market and operational strategy.

Hürlimann, Manuela Research Associate ZHAW InIT Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnologie Suisse Academia, Industrie
Hermsen, Anna Senior Business Developer/EU manager TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research Pays-bas Academia, Industrie, Autre
Kampmann, Michaela Suède Academia, Industrie, Autre

Hochwertige Waren vom Produzent. Fabrikverkauf. Versand am gleichen Tag. Bis 95 % günstiger als auf dem Markt.

Müllsäcke Alle, Sandsäcke, Raschelsäcke, Spänesäcke,

Kartonage, Luftpolstertaschen, Maxibrief,

Abdeckplane, Abdeckfolie, Baufolie,

Alufolie – Frischhaltefolie, Alu Klebeband – Aluband,

Abklebeband, Malerkrepp, Klebeband mit Folie, Malerkrepp mit Folie,

Antirutsch Streifen, Klebebänder Alle, Gewebeband, Papierklebeband,

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Velis, Tara University Pays-bas Academia, Industrie
Busenhart, Mark Business Analyst Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. Suisse Industrie

Forrenstrasse 2

Kalve, Halvor CEO Grants4sme Norvège Industrie
Karamat, Muhammad Zeeshan CTO DeutschData Karamat und Ziesche GmbH Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Anand, Durgesh business analyst delhi university Inde Academia, Industrie

2997 a sant nagar rani bagh

Stockinger, Kurt Professor ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences Suisse Academia, Industrie
Garbe, Christoph CEO HD Vision Systems GmbH Allemagne Industrie

At HD Vision Systems we develop light field based multi-camera systems for quality inspection, robotics and automation. Our AI-based algorithms provide our partners with superior results in an easy-to-use manner.

Rodrigues, Nelson Auxiliar Researcher DTx – Digital Transformation Colab Portugal Academia, Industrie

I have a PhD in Computer Engineering by Universidade do Porto Faculty of Engineering with the topic « Agent-based Service Reconfiguration for Dynamic and Evolvable Systems ». I was able to successfully validate this innovative approach in flexible manufacturing system located in University of Valenciennes and at real industrial scenario at Whirlpool Factory – Naples, which allowed me to cover an interesting technological readiness from TRL-3 to TRL-7.

I’ve expertise on Industry 4.0; Cyber-Physical Systems; Intelligent Manufacturing; Machine Learning; Self-organization;
I’m an Invited Assistant Professor at Instituto Universitário da Maia and Auxiliar Researcher in the Digital Transformation Colab (DTx).

I’ve receive a Awards: Innovation Awards Technology Industry 4.0 (4k€)

Ambrona, Ricardo CEO Entrepeneur Espagne Industrie

Marketing & Sales professional, graduated in Electronics and Automation Engineering, with more than 19 years of international experience in global digital business growth management.
Strategic and open-minded thinking.

Send me an email for any questions, Ricardo

Holter, Trym Director Norwegian Open AI Lab, NTNU Norvège Academia, Industrie
Senjic, Pascal Allemagne Academia, Industrie
Hadjar, Hamid Robotics Developer Herr Allemagne Academia, Industrie, Autre
Fassold, Hannes senior researcher JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL Australie Academia, Industrie

Publication list can be found at

gadelrab, fatma phd Helwan university Égypte Academia, Industrie
Peters, Paul Fluxology Pays-bas Industrie
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