Data Protection Policy

CLAIRE AISBL is committed to goal- and risk-oriented information privacy and the fundamental right to the protection of personal data. In this data protection policy CLAIRE AISBL inform you about the processing of your personal data when visiting and using the CLAIRE web site and when supporting the CLAIRE initiative.

Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE) AISBL
Contact address: CLAIRE Headquarters the Hague, The Hague Humanity Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ Den Haag, The Netherlands
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Holger H. Hoos

Processor on behalf of CLAIRE AISBL
Content to Results GmbH
Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 33
33311 Gütersloh

The subject-matters of the processing are

  • operation and management of the CLAIRE web site
  • management and statistical evaluation of the list of supporters of CLAIRE AISBL
  • communication with the supporters of CLAIRE AISBL

Further processor on behalf of TERRITORY Content to Results GmbH GmbH & Co KG
Klingenderstr. 5
33100 Paderborn, Germany

The subject-matter of the processing is server hosting.
All personal data is stored at the Datacenter located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

CLAIRE contact point
The controller has agreed to designate a CLAIRE contact point for data subjects.

CLAIRE data protection officer
The controller has agreed to designate a CLAIRE data protection officer.

Purposes of processing personal data
The purposes of processing personal data are

  • Information offering in the course of the public communication of CLAIRE AISBL
  • Collecting supporters of CLAIRE AISBL

Anonymous and protected visit of the CLAIRE web site and usage of the CLAIRE information offering
In general, visit of the CLAIRE web site and usage of the CLAIRE information offering are anonymous. While visiting the web site the data transmission in the internet is being protected by a generally accepted secure encryption procedure and hence cannot easily be eavesdropped or tampered. The implementation of the CLAIRE web site is based on WordPress using state-of-the-art security settings and plug-ins. Personal data are only collected to the technically necessary extent (see section on access data). No information or service offerings of third party providers are embedded within the CLAIRE information offering, except displaying CLAIRE tweets (see section on social media) and embedding Fonts/Icons (see section on fonts and icons).

If you like to support the CLAIRE AISBL you are encouraged to sign the CLAIRE petition by submitting the support form on the CLAIRE web site. From each supporter, CLAIRE AISBL collects his/her full name, country and e-mail address. At your discretion, some more information is collected, namely gender, affiliation, position/title, professional background, AI expertise, Google Scholar h-index, personal website/profile, additional personal background information and subscription to CLAIRE update postings. All collected personal data are stored in the CLAIRE supporters data base. The stored data records are used for statistical evaluation.
If you subscribe to CLAIRE update postings, CLAIRE AISBL occasionally sends some update information to your e-mail address.
Certain fields of every supporter record will be displayed on the publicly accessible CLAIRE supporters page of the CLAIRE web site, namely full name, position, affiliation, country, professional background and additional personal background information. Your e-mail address is never displayed, and neither is any of the other information you provide.
You are able to unsign whenever you want by sending an e-mail to the contact point ( In this case your personal data will be erased from the CLAIRE supporters data base.
On the CLAIRE quotes page of the CLAIRE web site, some quotes from selected CLAIRE supporters, including their photos, names and affiliations, are publicly accessible.
The processing of the personal data of CLAIRE supporters is lawful because it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by controller. The legitimate interests are the intended effects of the CLAIRE petition on politicians, officials, appointed experts and the public opinion concerning the vision of CLAIRE AISBL. Of course, CLAIRE AISBL will not use your personal data for any purposes other than in direct support of the CLAIRE initiative.

Access data
On every access to the CLAIRE web site some usage, transmission and connection data may be collected, temporarily stored in a log file and regularly deleted after a few weeks. Access data will not be transmitted to any third parties or otherwise disclosed, except on the basis of concrete lawful obligations.

On every access/retrieval the following data may be stored:

  • IP address
  • transmitted user agent information (in particular type/version of web browser, operating system etc.)
  • transmitted referrer information (URL of the referring page)
  • date and time of the access/retrieval
  • transmitted access method/function
  • transmitted input values (search terms etc.)
  • retrieved page resp. file
  • transmitted amount of data
  • status of processing the access/retrieval

The processing of the access data is lawful because it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the processors and the controller. The legitimate interests are the adaptation and optimisation of the information offering and the investigation, detection and prosecution of illegal activities in connection with the usage of the CLAIRE web site.

The stored access data records can be statistically evaluated in order to adapt and optimize the CLAIRE web site to the needs of visitors. Any techniques that offer the possibility to retrace the access characteristics of users (tracking) will not be applied. The creation of user profiles and automated decision-making based on it is precluded.

The stored data records are not attributable to specific persons. They are generally not being combined with other data sources. However, the stored data can be analysed and combined with other data sources, if the processors or the controller become aware of concrete indications of any illegal usage.

Server Logfiles
When using our website for informational purposes only, i.e., when you do not register and transmit information to us in other ways, we shall only collect the data that your browser sends to our server (in what is known as “server log files”). Our website collects a series of general data and information every time you or an automated system visit one of our pages. These general data and information are stored in the server’s log files. The collected data may include:

Browser types and versions used
The operating system used by the accessing system
The webpage from which an accessing system is directed to our website (referrer)
The sub-pages that are visited by an accessing system on our website
The date and time of access to the website
The Internet protocol address (IP address)
The Internet service provider of the accessing system

When using these general data and information, we do not draw any conclusions regarding your person. This information is required in order to:

Correctly deliver the contents of our website
Optimize the contents of our website as well as site-related advertising
Ensure the continued functionality of our IT systems and technology of our website
Enable us to provide the required information to law enforcement authorities in the event of a cyber attack

The collected data is analyzed for statistical purposes, and also with the aim of increasing data protection and security in our company so that we can ultimately provide an optimum level of protection for the personal data that we process. The data in the server log files are stored separately from all other personal data provided by a data subject.

The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6, Para. 1, Sentence 1(f) of the GDPR. Our legitimate interest is established by the purposes for data collection listed above.

Tracking Tool Matomo
This website uses the open source web analytics tool Matomo. Matomo enables the tracking of the users movements to ensure the improvement of the user experience on the website. Matomo does not use cookies on the users computer. Instead, Matomo uses “Fingerprinting”. This technique uses pseudo-anonymized IP addresses to capture browser settings. In this scenario, data such as visits can be detected, but it is impossible to determine the user.
If you would like to fully prevent tracking of vistits, you can activate the Do-Not-Track-function of your browser. This measure works for CLAIREs and any other website.

Social Media Plugin
The CLAIRE web site uses the social media plug-in to display social media content. As a result, the CLAIRE web site makes requests to Twitter’s, Facebooks´s, LinkedIn´s & YouTube´s servers in order to display tweets, images and videos. These requests make your IP address visible to the social media platform in question, who may use it in accordance with their privacy policy.

The embedded social media contents include the ability to reply, share, or like the tweet directly on the CLAIRE web site. If you choose to interact with these functions then you will make a connection to the specific social media platform, who may collect your IP address, your web browser user agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, and monitor your interaction with the widget, including correlating your Twitter account with whatever action you take within the widget (such as “liking” a tweet), if you are logged in to Twitter. For more information about how this data may be used, please see Twitter’s data privacy policy:

You also have the option to share the CLAIRE web site with other people via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkeIn and E-Mail as well as to change over to our information offerings on Facebook and Twitter. For the usage of these services you are referred to the data protection policies of the respective service providers. Your personal data is processed within the social networks insofar as you post contributions, send messages or otherwise communicate with CLAIRE AISBL.

Fonts and Icons
For uniform representation of fonts and icons, the CLAIRE web site uses web fonts/icons provided by Google resp. Font Awesome. When you open a page, your browser loads the required web fonts/icons into your browser cache to display texts and fonts/icons correctly.

For this purpose your browser has to establish a direct connection to Google resp. Font Awesome servers. Google resp. Font Awesome thus becomes aware that the CLAIRE web page was accessed via your IP address. The use of web fonts/icons is necessary in the interest of a uniform and attractive presentation of the CLAIRE website. This constitutes a legitimate interest pursued by the controller.

If your browser does not support web fonts, a standard font is used by your computer.

Further information about handling personal data, can be found in the Google Fonts FAQ at and in the privacy policies of Google at resp. Font Awesome (content delivery networks) at

You have the option to contact CLAIRE AISBL by e-mail. The controller will use your e-mail address and other personal contact data for the correspondence with you. Due to lawful obligation every e-mail correspondence will be archived. Subject to the legitimate interests of the controller your e-mail address and other personal contact data can be stored in a contact data base.

Access and Intervention
Besides the information in this data protection policy you have the right of access to your personal data.
To ensure fair data processing, you have the following rights:

  • The right to rectification and completion of your personal data
  • The right to erasure of your personal data
  • The right to restriction of the processing of your personal data
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data on grounds related to your particular situation

To exercise any of your rights, please contact the CLAIRE contact point.

Right to lodge a complaint
You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in the European Union if you consider that the processing of your personal data infringes statutory data protection regulations.

On the CLAIRE web site so-called cookies are used. Cookies are small files that are being stored by your web browser. The cookies used on the web site do not harm your computer and do not contain any malicious software. They offer a user-friendly and effective usage of the web site. Cookies are not used for marketing purposes.

The CLAIRE web site transmits session cookies to your web browser. They are valid only for the duration of your visit on the web site and they do not have any meaning outside of the web site. The session cookies are needed in order to transmit the contents in your preferred language. At the end of your visit the session cookies will be automatically deleted upon termination of your web browser.

The CLAIRE web site also transmits permanent cookies to your web browser with a validity period of at most 24 days. The web site is exclusively using these cookies in order to record whether you’ve taken notice of the information about the usage of cookies in your web browser.

You can adjust your web browser such that you will be informed on setting cookies and allow cookies on an individual basis resp. exclude the acceptance of cookies for specific cases or generally. You also can adjust the automatic deletion of cookies upon termination of your web browser. Upon deactivation of cookies the functionality of our web site can be limited. In any case, our information offering is available to its full extent.