“The richness of AI methodologies and tools are crucial for conceiving a new generation of data processing systems, where modelling, reasoning and learning techniques may support individuals and institutions to shape and govern a virtuous data-driven society. The CLAIRE initiative may play a precious role toward this goal, by fostering collaborations among different research groups working on data management from diverse and complementary perspectives.”

Maurizio Lenzerini, EurAI Fellow, AAAI Fellow, ACM Fellow, Member of Academia Europaea, Univ Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy

“With CLAIRE we can strengthen the collaboration on AI in Europe in order to be able to better interact with similar initiatives across the world and to establish a strategy for the evolution of AI that takes into account all research areas and the ethical, economic and social aspects so that the whole humanity can benefit from it.”

Piero Poccianti, Former President of the Italian Association for AI (AI*IA), Italy


The CLAIRE Rome Office was founded in February 2019 after the CLAIRE Symposium in Rome held on Feb. 27, 2019, and it is hosted at the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome. The office represents in CLAIRE the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA) and its main activities are carried out in synergy with AI*IA.

The CLAIRE Rome Office has been instrumental in many local and global actions. Among them, it played a role in helping to set up the National PhD program on AI in Italy and the European Summer School in Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI) in collaboration with European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI). Currently it is involved in the ICT-48 TAILOR project and supports the  CLAIRE Research Network Task Force and the CLAIRE Task Force on COVID19.


The CLAIRE Rome Office participates in the FAIR (Future Artificial Intelligence Research) project (https://future-ai-research.it/), one of the projects financed in Italy through the funds of the recovery plan for Europe of the European Commission. The project involves around 350 researchers from many institutions. It is organized in 10 spokes coordinated by the FAIR foundation (the project hub). The Rome Office is particularly involved in Spoke 5: High Quality AI, with 6 departments of Sapienza and 3 institutes of the National Research Council (CNR). Research in Spoke 5 ranges from AI & Robotics, to data-centric AI, to Natural Language Processing.


Prof. Dr. Domenico Lembo

Office co-Head

Dr. Marco Maratea

Office co-Head

Prof. Dr. Gianluigi Greco

AI*IA President

Dr. Emanuela Girardi

Member of CLAIRE
Extended Core Team

Emanuela Comito

Administrative Coordinator


Past Events:

CLAIRE Rome Symposium

  • Wednesday 27 February 2019 | 09:00 – 18:00 cest



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