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Europe has an impressive number of strong businesses in all shapes, markets and sizes and  also holds some of the world’s strongest AI scientists, research groups, research centers and universities. However, Europe lags other regions in turning new enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence into global products, platforms, and services. CLAIRE is a vehicle to create ambitious global visions for Europe and to bring scientists, research groups, industry, innovation-driven enterprises and startups together. The Innovation Network comprises companies, legal entities, and groups or units within these companies that develop or use Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods or technologies (for-profit).


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To join the CLAIRE Innovation Network, your organisation needs to become a member of CLAIRE AISBL. For more information on how to do this, please contact

For non-profit organisations please see the page on the Research Network.

Gold Members

Certicon, a.s., Prague, CZ

CertiCon (established 1996) is a Czech IT company with more than 400 employees, focusing its attention at innovations and AI-based solutions. CertiCon undertakes projects in many segments, the most important being manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and “Smart City”. It is designing and developing various intelligent solutions (from mobile apps to large-scale systems/platforms) for such customers like Medtronic, Bosch, ZF, Airbus Industries, Frequentis and others. It has brought own products to the market, e.g. CertiConVis as an efficient computer vision platform, exploring machine learning technology; Epiqua as a production planning and scheduling tool, exploring the agent-based approach. Quite important is a tight cooperation with the leading universities in the region, namely with CIIRC of the Czech Technical University, and Vienna University of Technology where CertiCon participates in the joint Christian Doppler R&D Center.

Number of employees: 21-500

divis intelligent solutions GmbH, Dortmund, DE

divis intelligent solutions GmbH, Dortmund, Germany, is a leading supplier of consulting services, custom software development services, and proprietary software products in the field of predictive analytics, automated machine learning and optimization. Our technology and services achieve a competitive advantage for our customers in applications such as industry 4.0, manufacturing process optimization, predictive maintenance, predictive quality optimization, and all areas of industrial R&D such as simulation-based optimization, simulation data analysis, metamodeling, and related topics.

Having access to the most recent academic technology developments in the field, we actively deploy these research results to our customer’s benefits. Our customers include leading global automotive companies, chemical and consumer goods companies, and manufacturing industry.

Concerning Artificial Intelligence, our technology is based on proprietary methods for automated machine learning, anomaly detection, response surface modeling, and nonlinear global optimization.

Number of employees: <20

Imagga Technologies, Sofia, BG

Imagga is a pioneer and a global leader in AI image recognition. Imagga solutions are used to automate visual tasks, unlock valuable insights from images and videos and moderate visual content.

Number of employees: <20

IOS Press, Amsterdam, NL

IOS Press is an independent, international STM publishing house with around 30 employees established in 1987 in Amsterdam. One of our guiding principles is to embrace the benefits a lean organization offers. While our goal is to keep things simple, we strive to meet the highest professional standards. Our business practices are straightforward, transparent and ethical. IOS Press serves the information needs of scientific and medical communities worldwide. IOS Press now publishes more than 100 international journals and approximately 75 book titles each year on subjects ranging from computer sciences and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences.

IOS Press publishes more than 30 international journals and several book series in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. IOS Press collaborates with international organizations like EurAI and has ambitious plans to create a central place for European AI research.

Number of employees: 21-500

Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin, Le Bourget Du Lac, FR

Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin is a public binational promoter responsible for the realization and operation of the cross-border section of the mixed Lyon-Turin freight/passenger railway line. TELT is a French company owned 50% by the French State (Ministry of the Ecological Transition) and 50% by the Italian State (via the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane group). It was founded on 23 February 2015, replacing LTF (Lyon Turin Ferroviaire), owned by the operators of the SNCF and RFI railway networks, which was responsible for the studies and preliminary works from October 2001 to February 2015. TELT shares the European goal of achieving a new faster and more efficient transport network in recognition also of the global need to reduce pollution. Aware of the fact that the crossing of the Alps represents a crucial node for commercial exchanges and the mobility of people between European nations, TELT is committed to respecting the international agreements and implementing the infrastructure on schedule and in full respect not only of the highest quality standards, but also of the environment and of all legal requirements.

The top management of TELT consists of the President, appointed by the French State, who represents the Company before the stakeholders, and the Executive Director, chosen by the Italian State, who directs and administers it. Both are members of the Board of Directors, with voting rights, alongside four members appointed by the French government and four appointed by the Italian one. The post of Board Member has a renewable term of six years and is not remunerated. The European Commission may appoint a representative who sits on the board as a non-voting member. At the moment, the President is Hubert du Mesnil and the Executive Director is Mario Virano.

The cross-border section of the Lyon-Turin freight and passenger railway line extends over a stretch of 65 km between Susa in Piedmont and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoy.
The main feature of the work is the 57.5 km long Mont Cenis base tunnel – 12.5 km in Italy and 45 in France – linking the international stations of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and Susa, which constitute the connection points to the respective national lines in France and Italy.

The work realization is a unique opportunity to experiment new AI solutions, to study BIG DATA use and security and to develop smart solutions for safety and security that can be applied in other complex works. Also in the next few years TELT will lead the technologies of the tunnel before the exploitation of the new railway line between Lyon and Turin.

Number of employees: 21-500

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