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“CLAIRE is the world’s largest network of AI research laboratories, and we are very happy and proud to have our headquarters in The Hague. Alongside The Hague’s reputation as a city of Peace and Justice, The Hague and the Netherlands more in general, are an ideal home base for CLAIRE, which is going to shape the way AI is going to be used in Europe. The Netherlands is a hotbed for AI research and innovation in Europe, and home to a large number of internationally leading experts in AI.”

Prof. Dr. Holger Hoos, Chair of the Board of Directors of CLAIRE and Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University


On the 9th of December 2019 The Hague played host to the launch of the headquarters for the world’s largest AI research network. CLAIRE has been established in response to the pressing need for excellence in AI research and innovation that ensures that Europe remains competitive in AI and its applications. With CLAIRE, Europe, the Netherlands and the city of The Hague in particular plan to step up the game in terms of investment in talent, research, technology and innovation in AI, with a focus on AI for good and AI for all.

During the opening of its new headquarters in the Humanity Hub in The Hague, CLAIRE announced a focus on AI for good – and specifically, the use of AI to help reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. AI for all refers to the broad access to, and benefit from AI, across all of society, including small, medium-sized and large enterprises, government and public administration, non-governmental organisations and citizens across Europe and the world.

In recent years, a discernible effort has been made to transform The Hague into an innovative city, seen through the city’s focus on fashioning technology and business with positive impacts on society, Tech for Good and AI for Good initiatives. Therefore, a human-centred focus on AI finds a well-established home in The Hague.

The CLAIRE headquarters in The Hague will support CLAIRE activities all over Europe, coordinating the work of existing CLAIRE offices in Brussels (BE), Paris (FR), Prague (CZ), Saarbrücken (DE), Rome (IT) and Oslo (NO) and Zürich (CH). The CLAIRE office in The Hague will also place special focus on AI in the public sector, AI computing and data infrastructure, and the development of a focus on AI for social good. It will interact and coordinate with the NL AI Coalition, the European Commission, AI4EU, the European AI Association, the Benelux AI Association, CBS, TNO and ELLIS. The opening of the CLAIRE  headquarters in The Hague thereby helps CLAIRE to strengthen the position of the Netherlands as a mayor hub on AI in Europe.

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Past events:

CLAIRE Hague Headquarters opening

  • Monday 9 December 2019 | 17:00 – 19:00 CEST


Prof. Dr. Holger Hoos

Member of the Board of Directors of CLAIRE

Alexa Kodde

Project Coordinator

Hannah Lea Dykast–Wildhaber

Brand Strategy & Development

(also in Zürich Office)

Thawab Hilal

Social Media Manager


Prof.dr. Jeroen van den Hoven
Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen


Prof.dr. Jeroen van den Hoven, TU Delft (co-chair)

Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen, VU Amsterdam (co-chair)

Prof. Dr. Bart Verheij, Groningen University/ IAAIL / BNVKI

Prof. Dr. Catholijn Jonker, TU Delft / Leiden University / EurAI

Prof.Dr. Dirk Heylen, University of Twente

Prof.dr. Eric Postma, Tilburg University

Prof.dr. Holger Hoos, Leiden University

Dr. ir. Joaquin Vanschoren, TU Eindhoven

Prof.dr. Joost Batenburg, Leiden University

Prof.dr. Paul Groth, University of Amsterdam / ICAI

Prof.dr. Tom Heskes, Radboud University


Research Network:


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CLAIRE Headquarters the Hague
The Hague Humanity Hub
Fluwelen Burgwal 58
2511 CJ Den Haag
The Netherlands