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Ricardo Chavarriaga

“The CLAIRE vision –based on excellence and human-centred research and innovation– provides a blueprint to steer AI as a transformative force for the benefit of all.”

Ricardo Chavarriaga, Head of CLAIRE | Zurich


CLAIRE Office ZurichOur Swiss CLAIRE office was initially founded in 2020. Given the strength of its academic and industrial ecosystem, its economic landscape and tradition on the protection of human rights, Switzerland plays an essential role in the advancement of human-centred AI.

We are focusing on empowering the Swiss AI community by connecting European partners and fostering the development of ethical humane, trustworthy AI-powered solutions that are compatible with the social and economic interests of all humans.

For this purpose, the CLAIRE office Switzerland is establishing an active network comprising academia, industry, public entities and international organisations. We actively engage with media and general public through outreach and participatory activities that inform society at large about the state-of-the-art in AI and provide spaces to discuss the effects of these technologies. CLAIRE Switzerland was  supported and hosted by ZHAW digital, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur from 2020–2022.


Ricardo Chavarriaga

Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga

Head of the Office

Hannah Lea Dykast

Hannah Lea Dykast–Wildhaber

Strategy | Outreach & Communication

Kiavash Fathi

Student Outreach Assistant


Dr. Dorothea Baur, Baur Consulting


Prof. Dr. Daniel Gatica-Perez, Idiap Research Institute

Andrea Emilio Rizzoli

Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Idsia, SUPSI, Lugano

Prof. Dr. René Schumann SGAICO; HES-SO Wallis

Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann, Center for Artificial Intelligence ZHAW, Winterthur



Prof. Dr. Boi Faltings

Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert



CLAIRE X NVIDIA Joint Training Activities

Development of talent and knowledge transfer are key elements of the CLAIRE vision. We have established a collaboration with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (NVIDIA DLI) in 2022 to provide access to trainings in Artificial Intelligence. Through this collaboration we contribute to empowering society to benefit of the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

These courses, developed by NVIDIA, provide theoretical instruction and hands-on exercises on GPU-accelerated computing power in the cloud provided by the organizers. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an NVIDIA DLI certificate to recognise their subject matter competency and support professional career growth.

Stay tuned for our upcoming trainings in summer and fall of 2023!


Innovation Network:
Research Network:


13.06. | AI for Player Experience – Gaming | Recommendation Systems | Human Autonomy This meetup was organised in #collaboration with HelveticAI, PlayTika & CLAIRE | Zurich

22.03. | NVIDIA* GTC Watch party (GTC conference 20.-23.03.23) | online

*Disclaimer: NVIDIA is leading this event with support form CLAIRE. NVIDIA is solely responsible for the content.

27.03. | AI4GOOD – NGO Online Event: AI and Mental Health @EU AI Week
30.03. | AQuA (All Questions Answered) AI and Mental Health | online


07.11. | Online ARCathon Intro: Tackling ARC – AI WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT with Lab42 | 17h00 – 18h00 CET  Register here to join the challenge!

16.11.  |  Online Webinar Event: AI Ethics: Implementing social responsibility in autonomous intelligent systems with IEEE mit Ricardo Chavarriaga | Nov 16, 2022  14:00 – 15:00 CET |  08:00 – 09:00 am (EST – New York) ➡ Check out the IEEE CertifAIEd framework on here.

20.-21.10. | 2–day free online workshop by NVIDIA X CLAIRE: Building Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing Applications. 

28.09. | AI Ethics Lecture:  Operationalizing AI ethics: Challenges for organizational governance with Ricardo Chavarriaga @7th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

30.09. | CLAIRE Social afterwork @Roboterbar Nüü |18h00 – 20h00 @ Lagerstrasse 45, Zurich. A networking experience to reflect and shape the future of AI. See you there! Learn more about our invited experts here 

15.09. | Digital Breakfast “Responsible AI: from ethical principles to organizational processes.” mit Ricardo Chavarriaga | 07.00 – ca. 08.30 am @ Technopark Winterthur organized by Digital Hub Winterthur

20.07. | ZHAW Center for Artificial Intelligence Colloquium: “Artificial Intelligence, Game Over?”, Winterthur, Switzerland. Panel Moderator. Learn more.

15.06. | Between Autonomy and Control: What is the future of Artificial Intelligence? Public Conference

22.-23.06. | SDS Swiss Data Science Conference Live @KKL Luzern –

05.05. + 06.05. | Fundamentals in Deep Learning Free online course

A free workshop offered by CLAIRE Office Switzerland and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

09.05 | Pint of Science Geneva Live event

Find out more here

13.05. | CLAIRE community event @Nüü Social live event with robot bar @Lagerstrasse 45, 8004 Zurich

Lets talk about what it means to be a community, exchange thoughts, connect to new people and have a drink from the roboter bar – See you there!

30.03. | A career in data science – myths and obstacles of a rapidly growing field Online panel in cooperation with WiMLDS Switzerland

14.03. | AI & Creativity Panel for Science & Youth Invited guest by Science et cité Bern.

16.03. | AI4Good: AI for Humanitarian Actions @2pm – 3.30 pm, Panel & Case Studies

01.03. | Digital Trust in Health @ 3pm – 5.30 pm, Panel & Startup Networking Event

    • NORDIC ROADSHOW | Trust Valley Switzerland meets the Nordics Countries. Partnered event with Tech4Trust & NORA


16.12. | VISION Theme Development Workshop: AI & Health

17.11. | AI Boost Conference Lithuania

12.11. | AI & Agriculture: co-organized by the CLAIRE Office Zurich (with Andres Perez-Uribe)

10.11. | ZHAW digital day@Nüü robot bar – live experiencing artificial intelligence

10.11. | NVIDIA GTC Panel: Developing Trustworthy AI Principles

04.11. | Int Neuroethics Society: Panel AI+Neurotech and social justice

30.10. | La Dispute Lausanne: Sur les Chemins de la Haine

15.06. | ZHAW Digital series – Digital tools against Covid-19– Addressing ethical challenges, public trust and acceptance

09.06. | Swiss Data Science Conference

08.06. | Virtual Conference “Responsible AI – An Imperative

26.05. | AI4Good: Building a Nexus between Research, Innovation and Societ CLAIRE Office Switzerland – Official office launch event


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