Rising Researchers Network

Who we are

The CLAIRE | Rising Researchers Network aims to gather graduate students, especially Ph.D. students, postdocs, and master students, involved in AI research, who believe in European excellence in AI and that ethical and human-centered AI should be the norm of AI research and development in the future.

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This map shows the members of the CLAIRE | Rising Researchers Network in Europe. We are growing every day.


About us

Our mission

Influence the direction of future AI research in Europe

Organise events (hackathons, meetups, …)

Support each other in our early-career research and decisions

Arrange mentorship from senior researchers

Facilitate collaboration and mobility within Europe

Our activities


With our partnership cluster group, we are looking for institutions, companies or event organisers open for collaborations with the Rising Researchers Network. We thereby aim to support our members in their career and open up new opportunities through these partnerships. A recent success: Together with the Game AI summer school, we were able to offer 5 scholarships for a summer school participation for free!

Join our network and we will provide you with the details how to apply for it!


We have an active community on our Slack channel to support the networking of members. We organise regular meetups for members to get to know each other. Also, we set up pub quizzes, lightning talk sessions, journal clubs or Kaggle competitions tailored to our members’ interests.

Network structure


We have clusters working on specific goals within the network:

Join us

Why should you join?

the direction of future AI research in Europe

Connect with top researchers from the European AI community

Collaborate & share experiences with other like-minded students

Take part in internal networking sessions, events and our lively community of young AI researchers

Help shape the network by participating in our cluster groups

How to become a member

1. If you like to join, drop us a short email at r2network@claire-ai.org.

2. Then, we will ask you to fill in a short application form and to become a CLAIRE supporter.

3. Finally, we will give you access to an online communication platform (Slack) where all the discussion will happen and where you can learn more about us.

Membership Policy

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