Rising Researchers Network

Who are we?

We are a European network of graduate students, from masters to postdocs, involved in research in AI, who believe that ethical and Human-centered AI should be the norm of AI research and development in the future.

Current board:

Barbora Hudcová
Charles University, CIIRC CTU, CZ

Marie Anastacio
Leiden University, NL

Oliver Mey
Fraunhofer IIS/EAS Dresden, DE

What do we do?

  • Support each other in our early career research and decisions
  • Organise events (hackathons, meetups,…)
  • Arrange mentorship from senior researchers
  • Facilitate collaboration and mobility within Europe
  • Influence the direction of future AI research in Europe

Why should you join?

  • Influence the situation of graduate researchers around Europe
  • Get involved in creating the Network from the ground up
  • Connect with top researchers from the European AI community
  • Collaborate and share experience with other students with similar interests

How to join?

Reach out to r2network@claire-ai.org to be the first to receive an application form (coming soon!)