CLAIRE AQuA: Cybersecurity of AI and AI for Cybersecurity

July 07 @ online

Learn more about current European initiatives, how AI can be used to make cybersecurity applications more resilient, and how cybersecurity applications can ensure the safety of AI technologies.

Moderator: Ana Isabel Ayerbe Fernandes (Tecnalia)


– Marek Pawlicki (itti)

– Theodoros Semerztidis (CERTH)

– Nizar Touleimat (CEA)

– Roberto Cascella (ECSO)

Inspired by Turing Award winner Donald E. Knuth’s All Questions Answered lecture (…) , CLAIRE All Questions Answered Events (AQuAs) are relaxed, 1 hour, online events that bring together a small group of panellists to discuss current hot topics in AI and beyond and answer questions from the community. These events are usually held via Zoom Webinar for CLAIRE members and members of co-hosting organisations, and live streamed to the CLAIRE YouTube channel, allowing the community at large to get involved and be a part of the discussion.