SPAICE: AI in and for Space

When: 15–19 September 2024

Where: European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), UK

Submission deadline: 19. May 2024 (24:00 CET)

Social media: #SPAICE2024

Organisers: ESA


The first edition of a unified conference on Space and Artificial Intelligence (AI) was long overdue. While numerous conferences and workshops such as i-SAIRAS, AI4Copernicus, ASTRA, AISTAR, SPACE4AI, IROS, and IWPSS successfully explore AI trends in specific space domains since decades, a unified scientific conference weaving these threads together has been notably absent.

Building on the experiences matured over years of engagement with the AI community, we are thrilled to unveil SPAICE, a multi-domain conference on space and AI, hoping that it’s just the beginning! Our aim is to gather, across AI disciplines and space application domains, all the passionate AI and aerospace scientists and practitioners who share the conviction that emerging AI-driven technologies – already revolutionizing our practices on Earth – are on the brink of an equally profound impact for space missions. SPAICE seeks to establish a scientific playground, an open space for the exchange of challenges and ideas across domains, where the intersection of communities and competences promises valuable insights, learning opportunities, and fertile ground for novel ideas and trends to emerge.

No matter whether you are an expert in AI, space, or working in-between these worlds, join us in this exciting venture, as SPAICE aims to contribute to a transformative journey in the fascinating realm of space and AI!