1st ICT-48 Community Workshop 2021

The first ICT-48 Community Workshop was held on 30 June 2021. The goal of this event was to identify opportunities for synergies and foster collaborations within the Networks of AI Excellence Centres and the whole ICT-48 ecosystem.

This community event was organised as a meeting of

to discuss common topics at both strategic and operational levels.

The program consisted of a number of plenary sessions in which we collectively explored strategic and operational topics for the European AI agenda, as well as 6 parallel sessions in which more in-depth discussion took place on selected topics.

After that, an informal networking and mingling session was held in GatherTown to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as to share information related to cross-network activities. This included a poster session and various booths in which projects and networks were presented.

The online event was a success, with 150 registrations and attendance of almost 100 participants. Positively, we had a good spread among all ICT-48 NoEs, with all networks represented. Additionally, the event was also attended by stakeholders from the wider European AI community and major AI and robotics

More information about the event can be found on the VISION website.