CLAIRE Zurich @AIforGood.itu AI For Good Webinar: Neurotechnologies, AI and Human Rights

December 13 @ 16:00 – 17:30, Location

The combination of Neurotechnologies and AI is enabling advances in neuroscience research. The possibility of recording, interpreting and modulating brain activity paves the way for new approaches for therapeutics, assistive devices and human-machine interaction in the clinical, consumer and military domains.  

Contrasting to their potential benefits, advancement in neurotechnology raises important concerns regarding their impact on human dignity and rights. In response, voices from academia, international organizations and the private sector have launched calls for appropriate governance in this field. This webinar will discuss the impact of combining AI and neurotechnologies, existing initiatives to and strategies to promote their development in accordance to existing and emergent frameworks for human right protection. 

This session is organized in partnership with CLAIRE Brussels