“AI made in Europe” – boost it or lose it

– AI is a key driver of progress and a foundation of our future prosperity.

– Up to now, investment into the European AI ecosystem has failed to achieve global competitiveness of “AI made in Europe”. It has been insufficient in magnitude and lacking focus.

– Europe’s dependence on AI made elsewhere is increasing quickly. This is eroding our economic, strategic and cultural sovereignty. Regulation without innovation will fail to solve this problem.

– Leadership in AI research and technologies requires massive, unified and AI-specific computational infrastructure, which Europe currently lacks.

– Since 2018, CLAIRE has been a strong advocate for a “CERN for AI” in Europe. This idea is now being discussed by political leaders in the UK and the US. It would be tragic if the EU missed its chance to lead this effort.

Read the full statement here: https://claire-ai.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/CLAIRE-Statement-on-Future-of-AI-in-Europe-2023.pdf