AI Researchers convened at ECAI TAILOR workshop

The first workshop on Trustworthy AI integrating Learning, Optimisation and Reasoning (TAILOR) brought together experts and researchers in the field of AI in a two-day workshop held on 4-5 September 2020 at the 24th Digital European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020). The workshop was organized by the newly established TAILOR network of centres of excellence.

Thirty-six short and long presentations were held under five themes, including Trustworthy AI (chaired by Fosca Giannotti); Paradigms & Representations (chaired by Luc de Raedt); Acting (chaired by Giuseppe De Giacomo); Social (chaired by Ana Paiva); and AutoAI (chaired by Holger Hoos).

In his introduction, TAILOR coordinator Fredrik Heintz noted that the initiative aims to develop a network of research excellence centres from learning, optimisation and reasoning, together with major European companies. The network will bring these approaches together through a common framework designed to pave the way towards more powerful, trustworthy AI systems.

Currently, TAILOR is composed of 54 research excellence centres from 20 countries across Europe, and comprises four key instruments: (1) an ambitious research and innovation roadmap; (2) five basic research programmes integrating learning, optimisation and reasoning in key areas for providing the scientific foundations for Trustworthy AI; (3) a connectivity fund for active participation of the larger AI community; and (4) network collaboration activities promoting research exchanges, training materials and events, and joint PhD supervision.