CLAIRE and AIhub started their collaboration on AI for Good

We are happy to follow up on our 2nd anniversary update, published earlier this year,  where we announced this newly emerging collaboration, which brings together two European AI initiatives – CLAIRE and Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AIhub). This partnership is now starting to take shape, as we work closely together on the preparation of the AI for Good series, a series of contributions from the AI community dedicated to further develop the dual focus on AI for Good and AI for All in connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The AI for Good series will be published by AIhub with the aim of connecting the AI community to the public, by providing free, high-quality information on AI research and innovation. Each month, the series will showcase specific lines of AI research related to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Under each month’s topic, there will be a selection of posts, ranging from interviews, research summaries, news and updates on collaborations, to videos and other useful resources. The first topic has been set for December 2020, with a spotlight on “good health and well-being”, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 3. This subject is particularly pressing at present, considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, there are numerous other examples of successful and transformative use of AI in healthcare, which will be presented in this month’s AI for Good series.

CLAIRE, with its broad base of members and supporters, is happy to support AIhub in this endeavour, by collaborating on distinctive posts and working together in order to bring high-quality information on human-centred AI research, and particularly on AI for Good and AI for All, to a large and diverse audience.

About AIhub

The Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence is a non-profit organisation dedicated to connecting the AI community to the public by providing free, high-quality information through

AIhub is supported by many leading scientific organizations in AI, namely AAAI, NeurIPS, ICML, AIJ/IJCAI, ACM SIGAI, CLAIRE and RoboCup.

This series is closely linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, learn more at: