CLAIRE feedback on proposed EC regulation and coordinated plan on AI

After careful analysis of the European Commission’s recently published proposal for AI regulation and the revised coordinated plan for AI, CLAIRE has submitted extensive feedback on both documents.

CLAIRE has welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback and overall supports the European Commission’s drive towards a balance between regulation and innovation, where citizens’ rights are well protected, while facilitating investment and innovation. However, we find that the sum of the initiatives, as they are currently planned, does not achieve this balance.

Our official feedback to the European Commission is strongly based on the CLAIRE vision and builds on CLAIRE’s response to the Commission’s 2020 White Paper on AI. Our new feedback document identifies 5 major issues, as well as 12 specific concerns; it also provides 14 concrete recommendations.

Overall, CLAIRE believes the intention underlying the proposed regulation is good, but that it does not achieve the intended upsides, while creating downsides of serious concern. Likewise, the coordinated plan, of which the proposed regulation forms an integral part, is pursuing worthwhile and achievable goals. However, the level of funding and the array of mechanisms currently foreseen is insufficient for realising the ambition of European leadership in key areas and applications of AI as outlined in the Commission’s plans; it also carries major risks of Europe falling further behind the fast-moving global leaders.

This is the beginning of a process intended to involve all those with an interest in the matter (which should be many, since the proposed legislation and the coordinated plan will affect all of us).

Read the full document here. Read the feedback others have submitted here.