CLAIRE supported AIhub in becoming a charity to advance public Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

CLAIRE as an AIhub supporter and partner is pleased that the Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence, which manages, has recently been awarded charity status in the UK. The aims of the charity are to advance the education of the public in the field of artificial intelligence, including the science, applications, and ethics of artificial intelligence, and by the free dissemination of authoritative, high-quality, research and useful accessible information about such research.

Holger Hoos, Chair of the Board and Co-founder of CLAIRE and Professor of Machine Learning at Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands, currently acts as trustee representing CLAIRE and has been working closely with AIhub on a focus series covering the use of AI to help meet the UN sustainable development goals since the end of last year.

“The public image of AI is quite heavily influenced by hype, exaggeration and science fiction. Especially as AI technologies are more broadly deployed, it’s very important to make available unbiased, high-quality information on AI – what it is and isn’t, what it can and can’t do, what it should and shouldn’t do. That’s precisely what AIhub is about, and it’s great to have so many of the world’s leading AI experts involved in it. CLAIRE is therefore very happy to work closely with AIhub on its mission for AI for Good and AI for All.” says Holger Hoos about the CLAIRE and AIhub collaboration.

Read the whole press release here: AIhub – leading organisations form new charity to advance public understanding of artificial intelligence – connecting the AI community and the world. –

About AIhub

The Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence is a non-profit dedicated to connecting the AI community to the public by providing free, high-quality information through

AIhub is supported by many leading scientific organizations in AI, namely AAAI, NeurIPS, ICML, AIJ/IJCAI, ACM SIGAI, CLAIRE and RoboCup.