The CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative: Meet the Team Leaders | Video Series

CLAIRE would like to share with you a series of interviews with Topic Leaders from the CLAIRE Covid-19 Initiative, which aim to illustrate the significant work they stand behind but also to present lessons learned from this process and outlook for upcoming challenges.

About the CLAIRE COVID-19 task force
Following the launch of CLAIRE Task Force COVID-19 on 20 March 2020, more than 150 AI researchers throughout Europe collected and curated resources which aimed to leverage AI techniques in the context of COVID-19 and to support the development of new projects in several application areas. Under this task force, seven major groups were formed working on mobility and monitoring data analysis; bioinformatics; medical image analysis; social dynamics and networks monitoring; robotics; and scheduling & resource management.

More on CLAIRE COVID-19 task force here.


About the CLAIRE Vision